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Roman Family Life

No description

Sonja VanderHeide

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Roman Family Life

ancient roman family life claire vanderheide roman marriage
and childbirth women's role households in roman
households there
would usually be the mother, father, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts, slaves and servants. in the
households in ancient
rome, the father was the
most important. only he could
own land until he died and then
his sons inherit all of it.
sons were very important
as they were to continue
the family name. bulla- a good
luck charm
dowry- a gift or payment
made to the husband by the bride's father
divorce- annulment of marriage
familia- a family of grandparents, parents, and children. the male of
the family was called the “paterfamilia” or "head of family".
they could kill, or sell their children as
slaves. roman women
were in charge of
buying things from the
stores with their
husbands money that
they earned roman men were
usually in the army.
they earned the money for the women to spend.
men were the head of the house unless there was an older male figure living
with their family. ancient roman
women’s roles were
very different from
greek women. greek
women could not shop or
do anything except
religious duties. in 445 BC
commoners and noble
people were not allowed
to marry one another,
they could only marry
someone of the same
status. weddings could
not be on any day in
february or may because of
certain celebrations in those
months. the wedding dress
was a long white robe with
a veil and worn with
yellow shoes. a girl's father
decided who would be the
best person for keeping the family name and social status
going. he made his daughter marry who he chose. most women who were married were much younger than their
husbands. men's role they had some of
the honor and respect
of the household.
some roman women also
educated their children
at their home. hi ancient roman women
were to give birth on a special
wooden stool. they would sit upright
on the stool because the midwives thought
that sitting was easier. in the bottom of
stool there was a crescent shaped hole where
the baby was delivered. vocabulary Bibliography:

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