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Menu Innovation

For Him

Katrina Alexis Lareza

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Menu Innovation

Money Making
Menu Innovation Research and Development State simple but clear OBJECTIVES IDEATION Chef Him Uy de Baron is critical to the long term growth of the restaurant. your success indicator creation of new ideas Menu Innovation is critical to any food establishment in a hyper competitive industry. Whether you are a carinderia, canteen, fast food, casual, or a fine dining restaurant. Solution you need to break thru, repackage your brand, or even open up to a new market. Increase of average check
Attract new customers
Attract existing customers for a different time
Create customer loyalty Feasibility answering the following questions Can it be executed?
Will it increase gross profit?
Does it sync with the restaurant concept and the other items in the menu? LAUNCH Menu introduction
Actual execution Evaluation Data gathering and analyzing
Did it meet your original objectives? It helps you keep a steady output of innovative, current, and exciting products for your market. A Japanese restaurant that fits right in the middle of the Current Japanese restaurant choices.

High end, fast & casual Japanese restaurant Nomama Concept Inspiration: A trip to Japan. Realizing how dynamic Japanese cuisine has been evolving New styles of Preparation and Presentation Other Local
Inspirations: North Park repackaged the Chinese panciteria.
Cibo gave a middle ground for expensive and fast food variety Italian. Nomama Restaurant:
repackage and Innovate the Japanese restaurant concept - Remember, at least 4 food promotions per year to draw buzz and keep your establishment current and relevant 1. New Ingredients will bring in new fresh ideas 2. New technologies will allow chefs to come up with new techniques of presenting and improving the quality of food being prepared 3. Food Destinations from collaterals to food to interior and ambiance Nomama Research
Types of ramen
Trial and error of recipes Max's Dubai Branch provided the experience of Max's classic: THE CRISPY PATA

thru ideation we came up with the CRISPY LAMB PATA idea & LAMB ADOBO Nomama adds new menu items almost every month and takes away slow moving items. new items from ideation sessions: wagyu ramen
braised wagyu beef cheeks ramen
sriracha brined tori karaage
half cooked tuna steak with warm kobacha & bacon salad at Nomama these are ways we measure the success of a launch: guest comment cards
units sold
customer feedback
buzz it generates
over all sales what people are saying about NOMAMA The Raw Compositions that begin tonight’s repast are solid, a profusion of possible mouthfuls and permutations. Every ingredient on those plates has a noble purpose, one that is proudly served. -- Lori Baltazar, Dessert Comes First The room is a creative space with a contemporary Japanese aesthetic. The industrial interior is softened by light wood paneling and makes use of abundant natural light during the day from a wall of windows, and drop lights in the evening for added subtle drama. -- Spot.ph When it comes to innovation, this resto truly deserves a round of applause -- there's no other resto like Nomama Nomama But You *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* :) --Anton Diaz, Our Awesome Planet The truth of the matter is I think this is one of the most important restaurants we have at this point in time. It pretty much surpassed all expectations I may have had, but that isn’t even what makes it special—I prop up this place for the simple reason that practically everything they use is local. --JJ Yulo, Spot.ph Alexander Graham Bell telephone inventor Steve Jobs telephone innovator the telephone what has changed? the first telephone same product but
with innovation:
turned Apple to the most valuable company today
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