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FIVE Ways WHQR Helps Your Business

WHQR Listeners Hear You

David Howell

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of FIVE Ways WHQR Helps Your Business

The Essentials:
#1 - "it has a direct impact"
FIVE Ways WHQR Helps Your Business
#2 - Builds an Enduring Relationship
a. you're reaching them through a resource they rely on daily

b. support drives brand consideration and pre-purchase behavior

c. often increases brand awareness by 30% or more.*
#4 - Enhances "Quality"
"... from a quality standpoint, we definitely are on a similar page"
#3 - Broadens a Sense of "Community"
"It's great for the whole community... everybody seems to get really involved"
#5 - Reaches a Unique Audience
"I think it's important for any business to support those aspects of a community in which its values are reflected."
"I've seen a flow of customers that I didn't realize was out there."
a. WHQR listeners are vested in what they hear

b. 70% rarely listen to other stations

c. Low tune-out means they hear your message
"...they are interested in improving the quality of their life. These are the same people who are listening to WHQR"
*Source: NPR Listener Surveys, Lightspeed Research, 2007-2012
a. WHQR routinely gives other non-profits, corporations and cultural institutions a voice

b. Much more than a radio signal... a community resource.

c. Interviews & Cultural Calendar
a. The Halo Effect - the positive sentiment listeners have...

b. 60% of listeners asked have a more positive opinion of Public Radio Underwriters

c. 52% said they prefer to buy from Underwriters...
*Source: NPR Listener Surveys, Lightspeed Research, 2007-2011
a. Sophisticated, Philanthropic, Community-minded Citizens

b. Educated -- over 70% have college degree or more

c. More concerned with altruism than a saving a buck...

Pricing Scenarios
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