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Eragon Twelve Steps of a Hero

No description

Nadia Abed

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Eragon Twelve Steps of a Hero

By: Nadia Abed Eragon I
The Ordinary World Eragon starts out as a normal, 17 year old farm boy that hunts. Eragon lives in Alagaesia with his uncle and cousin. II
The Call to Adventure Eragon doesn't choose his adventure, it chooses him. He is hunting one day and a large blue marble crashes to the ground in front of him. Eragon does not know it is a dragon egg that chose him. When the egg hatches he realizes it is a baby dragon. The baby dragon soon becomes a young dragon that can communicate with Eragon through their thoughts. Her name is Saphira, she tells Eragon that he is her Dragon Rider, the last of riders besides the King. III
Refusal to the call Eragons uncle dies because the king is after Eragon. Eragon blames his uncles death on Saphira and tells her to go away and stay away. Eragon is asked to join the resistance against the king by his mentor, Eragon says no and will not fly with Saphira as her rider. IV
Mentor Eragons mentor is Brom. Brom was a dragon rider whose dragon died in battle. He knows everything about the bond between dragon and rider. Brom trains Eragon to bond with Saphira, and how to become one with her. Also, Brom trains Eragon how to fight. V
Crossing the First Threshold Eragon has to leave his home because the kings dark army, the Ra'zac, are after him. They killed his uncle, and Eragon has to leave to find the resistance, also known as the Varden. VI
Allies, Enemies Allies- Arya, a princess that is taken by Durza, also known as the Shade, because she was the holder of the egg, and she knows who it went to.
Murtagh, a stranger that saves Eragon.

Enemies- Durza, the Kings right hand man. He is the Shade, and is in charge of killing Eragon. Approach to the Inmost Cave VII Eragon and Brom stop at a village on their way to the Varden, Eragon meets a fortuneteller that tells him he will die soon.
This is Eragons first fight. Eragon discovers he has magic while he tries saving himself from being killed by one of Durzas men.
Eragons magic comes from his dragon. VIII
The Supreme Ordeal Eragon goes to Durzas' castle to save Arya. It was a trick and Durza tries killing Eragon. Brom sacrifices himself for Eragon and dies. IX
Reward Eragon saves Arya from Durza. X
Road Back Eragon continues his journey to the Varden with Saphira, Murtagh, and Arya. XI
Resurrection XII Everyone expected the last Dragon Rider to be something huge, but when they saw Eragon, he was just an ordinary boy. They expected more. Eragon proved to them that he is more. He returns with knowledge, courage, and bravery. Return With the Elixir Arrives at the Varden. Eragon tranferred into a warrior and is finally strong enough and ready to becomes one with Saphira.
Final battle- Saphira breaths fire, showing that herself and Eragon are now one. Eragon kills Durza. ERAGON Ares -Will fight to save those he loves, never giving up.
-Will fight for a good cause when other are afraid to
-Impulsive Eragon is like Ares because he is passionate about everything he does, and why he does it. Throughout his journey he never gave up, and continued to pull through, even when others didn't expect him to. Also, Eragon is impulsive in his decisions, which caused him many problems in his journey. Saphira Demeter -Puts others before herself
-Driven to help others
-Wonderful to be around
-Extremely helpful -Good listener
-Committed to the ones she loves
-Self Sacrificing Saphira is like Demeter because is so committed to keeping Eragon safe and serving him. Saphira would sacrifice herself for Eragon and she is always there when he needs her. Also, anyone else Saphira is comfortable around and trusts, she tries to keep them safe. Brom Ares -Questions authority
-Is disciplined
-Healthy sense of who he is
-Strong spiritual belief system to pull him through tough times
-Stands up for beliefs no matter the cost
-Inner strength that never dies Brom is like Ares because he believes strongly in what he knows, and in Eragon. He is spiritually strong and is confident in what he does. He does not do well with authority, he often speaks out about the king in front of his army. Arya Artemis -Willing to fight to the death for a cause
-Stands up for her causes
-Self-sufficient Arya is like Artemis because when she was captured by Durza, she never gave in to his torture and gave away Eragon. Also, Arya fought in the battle like a warrior. Durza Zeus -Always needs to be in control of other
-enjoys instilling fear in others
-Has trouble asking for help Durza is like Zeus because Durza feels as if he needs to control all that is around him, and make everything fear him. He thrives off of others fear. He is the Kings right hand man so he is afraid to ask the king for help. Master Archetypes The Hero- Eragon
The Magi/Positive Mentor- Brom
The Best Friend- Saphira
The Lover- Arya
The Villain- Durza
The Pessimist- Murtagh THE END Conclusion The filmmakers did a fantastic job with incorporating the twelve steps of a hero perfectly. Eragon goes through every step, because of this i believe the movie is stronger because it is exactly what you want to see happen throughout the film. The archetypes used to draw in the audience are great as well. Although the movie is about mythical things such as dragons and magic, the characters show traits of your average, everyday person by the archetypes used.
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