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2013 Dekra

No description

Krisztian Nemeth

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Dekra

2013 NIH CI & Quality strategy
National Instruments
NIH Lean/CI results
Dekra audit

Kaizen management
CI & Quality dept
CI Empowered Depts
Kaizen coaching

New method of PS - LPS pilots

Book club Toyota Kata

NI europe CI activity - coaching
7+ CI emp depts activity (IT, Fin, HR, SC, FSSC)
NICI model still in use more useful than LMM
LCU 2013 7 ci emp depts, cross dept team work check/adjust
Dept CI resp dedicated
Decentralized CI dept (aging activity, control)
Kaizen coaching RnR + new structure dept coach
Structured kaizen coachingcommunity (controlled actions, knowledge share, new members, activity report)
A lot to improve KDB
KM training improvement
Too many trained moderator vs moderator activity, no practical education
lot of interests in KM gemba, hard to handle
T card manual processes
T card - lot of not valid suggestions 5s, not connected to kpi, duplicates, aging
CI & Q team to coach LPS in the future
More CI activities to quality issues
Office CI activity low
Value added monthly CI emp dept meeting
Dept's CI coaching not covered
CI activities to connect dept KPIs
Need more kaizen coaches, office not covered
Kaizen database
(reports, alerts, restoration, handling)
CI in numbers
Kaizen of the month gemba improvements
(presentations, new members in audience, +/- summary)
1st office gemba organized

T card reform process opt, leader signing, 7 waste help, 5S topics vs T card topics
CI & Q team cohesion, self development
(Sipoc, FMEA, waste hunting, kaizen to cust complaints)
Managing to learn
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