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Reasons Why I Should Get A Cat

No description

Kenza Bouayad-Agha

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of Reasons Why I Should Get A Cat

Reasons Why I Should Get A Cat
They're Independent
Cats are naturally independent
animals who don't need a lot of care.
I won't have to worry about it while I'm at school and you are at work.
It can stay by itself until I get home and then I can take care of it then.

They Bathe Themselves
Cats bathe themselves with their tongues.
This will lessen the their smell and
If you can still smell it I will give it a
bath. You or Mom won't have ot help me.
I Won't Have To Take It Out To Pee/Poop
Cats use a litter box to pee/poop so I won't have to worry about letting it out to pee/poop. Especially if it is an indoor cat. If they are an outdoor cat then I won't have to let it out as frequently as dogs. When they do their business, they bury their poop so there is no smell. When I took care of Luna and Sweet Pea the litter box was really easy to clean. We just need to get small poop bags.
I Will Be Less On The Computer
With two pets to keep me company
I'll spend more time with them
than I will on the computer. And If I get a cat I promise that the first thing that I'll do when I get home will be to do my homework and then
whatever else I want to do.
I Am Saving A Cat From Possibly Not Getting A Home Ever
If I get a cat, I am possibly saving
it from never ever geting a home.
If it never gets a home than it could
die without ever having a home.
3 to 4 million cats have to be put
down every year because they can't find
a home.
Cats Require Little Maintenance
They can entertain themselves for a really long time so if ever I'm
away all you need to do is feed it
and clean its litter box which you only have to do once or twice a week.
Cats Are Smaller Than Dogs So They Shed Less
Since cats are smaller than dogs they will shed way less than dogs. Also they won't take up much space so they won't need as much food so we'll buy less of it and it will be cheaper.
Their Life-Span Is 14 Years
A cat's life-span is 14 years so once I move out I can take it with me. You won't have to worry about it once I leave.
They Are Proven To Solve Health Problems
Living with a pet was proven to lower blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Snuggling with a pet releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel happy.
It Would Make Me Really Really Happy
I woul
d be really grateful if you got me a cat. It would make me super happy and I would love you and the cat a lot.
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