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Characteristics of a Healthy Family

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Katie Gronendyke

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Characteristics of a Healthy Family

Characteristics of
a Healthy Family by Katie Gronendyke
and Kate Howmann How to Raise Happy Kids BE AN EXAMPLE
Eliminate negativity from your life. Enjoy life!
The principal goal of parenting is teaching children to become their own parents.
Raise Children that Themselves Value Teach your children to look within, and regularly encourage them to see themselves as worthwhile, even when they fail.
Treat your child as if they are already what they are capable of becoming. Don't use negative or deameaning nicknames.
Don't constantly look for something wrong.
Give your children responsibilities and encourage independence rather than dependence.
Raise Risk-Taking Children In order for your children to have successful, fulfilling lives, they must learn to take risks. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is being overly protective.
Allow your children to make mistakes and to fail!
Raise Self-Reliant Children Get rid of the Blame Game!
Teach your children to accept responsibility for their actions.
Teach them that they choose how they feel. Teach them inner, rather than outer, direction. Teach them that they do not need the approval of others. Raise Children Free from Stress and Anxiety No more guilt!
Don't use guilt and fear to manipulate your kids; it is a vicious cycle.
Don't pressure your children to excel in school/sports/other activities.
Children need to play, laugh, and enjoy life.
Intense striving creates a stress-inducing, type A personality that they will have for the rest of their life.
Let your children set their own goals. Raise Children with Peaceful Lives Create a peaceful environment for
your children.
Stop having the same old family fights. Family disagreements are healthy and natural. Fighting is NOT. Fighting:
feels awful
makes for lots of unnecessary pain
leaves deep scars on your children
teaches them to use the same tactics in resolving their disputes How to stop having the same old fights:
Understand that not everyone thinks like you do. Try to understand others' point of view and come to a compromise.
Remember that people are more important than things.
Yelling and carrying on doesn't always get the message across; behavior is the greatest teacher of all.
No one can make you fight if you refuse to go along. Try to resolve disputes peacefully.

Don't use anger to manipulate your children and don't let your children use it to manipulate you.
Look for solutions,not problems, in dealing with your children.
Don't give in to temper tantrums; it teaches children that they can use anger to get what they want.
Corporal punishment should NEVER be used.
It is counter-productive, causing children to become obstinant and want to fight you.
It causes children to become violent and aggressive.
It is a slippery slope to abuse.
Child Abuse is legally defined as:

A physical injury which is inflicted by other than accidental means on a child by another person.

Sexual Abuse, including both sexual assault and sexual exploitation

Willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of a child

Cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or injury

Neglect, including both severe and general neglect
Foster care is temporary, out-of-home care for children that have been removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect. In fiscal 2008/2009, there were 38,900 cases of child abuse, neglect or abandonment reported in Orange County. •Almost 300 foster care teens each year emancipate or age-out of the dependency system at age 18 in Orange County.
•Nationally, 25 to 50 percent of emancipated youth become homeless.
•It is estimated that two thirds or more of prison inmates were in foster care.
Raise Healthy Children Make a commitment to your own wellness. Set an example.
Adopt nutrition and exercise standards for the entire family.
Raise Creative Children Foster a sense of independence.
Allow your children to solve their own problems.
Listen to their opinions. Don't be so serious. Laughter is the best medicine. Happiness contributes to one's health, and likewise, being healthy makes one even more happy. Let go of worry!
Stop complaining; it teaches your children to do the same. Do not encourage your children to conform to trends and fads.
Encourage your children's dreams.
Don't pressure your children to "win." Don't compare your children to each other.
Treat your child as a unique individual.
Praise, don't criticize.
Give them LOTS of love and affection. Don't label your children.
Don't encourage your children to conform or compare them to others.
Don't keep them indoors or in front of the TV all the time. Encourage them to play outside and create new games.
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