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Big Bang Theory

Presentation for mythology creation story

Stephen Steele

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Big Bang Theory

Modern Creation:
"Big Bang Theory" Alexandra Seba & Stephen Steele Content:
1. What Is The "Big Bang Theory?"
2. How Did This Theory Evolve?
3. Misconceptions
4. Evidence
5. The Culture of That Time
6. Religious Association
7. "Big Bang Theory" Summarized
8. Resources Where did everything start? A Singularity An Expansion Similar to that of a balloon inflating. All at once, Energy, Matter, and Time began. At first: There was "Nothing." Then... Then there was something... "Singularities are zones which defy our current understanding of physics"(allaboutscience.org). 13.77 billion years ago, in a particle far, far away; the universe as we know it began. How did the theory evolve? George Lemaitre
More astrophysicists began making developments. E = MC Misconceptions:
There was no space until the "Big Bang"
There was not an explosion Father of the "Big Bang" 2 Evidence:
Reasonably sure the universe has a beginning
Galaxies continually move away from us - Red Shift
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation(CMB)
Abundance of "light" elements (allaboutscience.org). People of this culture:
Were more open to a scientific answer in a time when science was on the rise Religious Controversy:
Contrary to seven day creation
Unlike most other creation myths, this does not include a supreme being (George).
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