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Sensationalized Media

No description

jaime obeck

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Sensationalized Media

The Hinton Body Bag
The Story
Train crash - news teams trying to gain a story
Wanting shots of the victims/ dead bodies
Weren't able to gain any good footage
Eventually a small crew extracted a body bag from the wreckage
The news crews shot their footage then left
Next day body bag was discovered a fake. It was filled with debris from the crash
News Head starts a kangaroo court
kangaroo made next leading story on the national

The Subtext
Bringing it Together
Key Points
- The story revolves around the theme of media presenting stories whether they're true or not. As long as they can be sensationalized
- Fawcett changed the records about the numbers of casualties and the reason for why the crash occurred to emphasize how the media ignores small facts in favour of a dramatic story.
The Boston Bombing
- The Khmer Rouge regarded different people as weeds, that can only be disposed of as quickly and efficiently as possible
- KR made no attempt to re-educate the urban population.
- Khmer Rouge still used specific technologies.
-They used radio because it left no evidence, easily disseminated information, and supported illiteracy
-They used plastic bags to murder people
-The used photography to document the traitors to the communist party before they were executed
-The Khmer Rouge wanted to erase all memory and identity
- "The Khmer Rouge not only killed these people, they destroyed all differentiation and identity among them before they did so."
- The Khmer Rouge whited out signs to signify their contempt of human imagination and memory
Case of George Zimmerman
Extra notes just in case
1. http://www.globalresearch.ca/sensationalism-and-media-hysteria-over-boston-bombing/5331924
2. http://swampbubbles.com/20130714/trayvon-martin-was-media-sensationalism
3. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/04/nra_official_media_sensational.html
4. http://www.hinton.ca/index.aspx?NID=148
The story and subtext of chapter 5 carry strong messages that revolve around the power of the photograph and the media's ability to manipulate memory.

By presenting facts in specifically prepared packages, the media can control how events and people are viewed and understood.
It can blow up small events to draw the attention of viewers or it can cover up big issues to make them seem like they're not worth the time and thought.

The photograph is capable of both giving and destroying identity.
Through a single photo, a person can be identified and recognized. However, put that photo onto a wall with hundreds of others, and suddenly that person is just another face in a sea of information.
A similar tactic can be applied to news and events. While presenting a single story can draw a lot of attention to it, the impact of that story can still be diluted if another story is presented after that and another after that.

By constructing these "walls of information" the media can pick and choose where to draw attention and what viewers should consider important.

- 3 dead and 178 wounded
- Repeated reports of false suspects and rumours
- Despite Boston remaining calm the news reported a state of panic and tension
- News speculated that poisoned letters sent to the president were connected to the Boston bombing despite there not actually being evidence
- Ignores the fact that bombing and murder are regular occurrences in foreign countries
- Trayvon Martin shot and murdered by George Zimmerman
- People are shot and killed everyday
- Little to no media coverage on other single shootings
- All attention of this case was a result of the racial difference between the shooter and victim
- Media used the racial difference to draw undue attention to this particular case
- Zimmerman's trials were flooded with advertisements which brought lots of money into the television stations that aired the story.
The Hinton Train Crash
-In 1986 a freight train collided with a passenger train in Hinton, Alberta.
-23 people died
- 95 people were injured
- It is speculated that the crash occurred because the crew of the freight train became incapacitated.
- There are no significant records about a body bag.
paranoia caused by fake news
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