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Plot Diagram Project for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Delia Murry

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Plot Diagram Project for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Plot Diagram for: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Delia Murry

Falling Action
20. Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher John go and get Papa and Mr. Morrison to help the Avery's from the Simmses and the others. Page 257-259
21. Papa and Mr. Morrison head down to the Avery's. Page 259-260
22. Lightning burns down some off the cotton field, so Mama and Big Ma go try to put it out. Page 261-263
23. Lots of people come down to the Logans pasture to fight the fire. Page 264-265
24. The fire is finally out, and Stacey tells Cassie about what happened after she went to get Papa and Mr. Morrison. Page 267-272
Author's Theme- The Importance of Family, The Importance of Land, and racism
Symbolism- Their land/property.
Foreshadowing- [Song at the beginning of Chapter 11] "Roll of thunder, hear my cry. over the river, bye and bye. Ole man comin' down the line. Whip in hand to beat me down. But I ain't gonna let him Turn me 'round"

19. The Wallaces and other racist white men show up at the Avery's house, drag them out, and start abusing them. Page 251-256
Rising Action
1. Little Man and Cassie refuse to take their school books because they are "dirty" and have racist content (refers to them as nigras) Page 23-27
2. Stacey, Cassie, Little Man, and Christopher John dig a trench like thing in the rode, which breaks the Jefferson Davis school bus' axle. Page 51-55
3. The night riders come by the Logan property. Page 67-68
4. Stacey fights T.J at the Wallace's store, for getting him in trouble, when T.J was cheating on a test, but Stacey got blamed. Page 84-86
5. Cassie has to apologize to Lillian Jean after [unintentionally] bumping into her in Strawberry, and Mr. Simms pushes her down. Page 113-116
6. Cassie beats Lillian Jean up in a forest clearing, after Lillian Jean treated her like a slave for carrying her books for her. Page 179-181
7. Mama gets fired for not teaching everything in the book (because she doesn't believe whats in there is true) and for pasting over the books. Page 183-184
8. Stacey gets mad at T.J because he heard from Little Willie that he was the reason Mama got fired. Page 189-191
9. Stacey, Papa, and Mr. Morrison come back from their Strawberry trip, but Papa has a shot in the head and a broken leg. Page 211-212
10. Papa was fixing the wagon wheels, when he got shot. The gunshot scared Jack (the mule) anf he reared back and ran over Papa's leg (which broke it). Page 214-216
11. Kaleb Wallace blocks Mr. Morrison's way, so Mr. Morrison lifts his truck and continues on his way. Then Kaleb threatens Mr. Morrison. Page 224-226
12. Mr. Granger tells the Logans that they have to pay their mortgage in full. Page 231-232
13. The annual church revival starts up at Great Faith [Church]. Page 233-235
14. Uncle Hammer has walked to the church revival to help with the mortgage, after selling his car. Page 235-236
15. T.J and the Simms brothers show up at the revival and stir up trouble. Page 239-241
16. T.J shows up at the Logans house after getting [physically] hurt by the Simms brothers. Page 243-245
17. The Simms beat T.J up after he threatens to tell that it was them who tried to steal the pearl-handled pistol at the store. Page 245-247
18 Stacey walks T.J home because he is too weak to do so himself and scared the Simms might get him. Page 248-249

25. Mr. Jamison, Papa, and Mr. Morrison save T.J from getting hung, and get to keep their land. Page 271-276
Protagonist- Cassie Logan
Antagonist- Mr. Granger, the Wallaces (any racist white people basically)
Setting: Time- 1933
Setting: Place- Mississippi
Internal Conflict- Racism
External Conflict- Racists
Rising Action
Falling Action
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