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Copy of Physical vs Chemical Change

No description

Brandon Collins

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Physical vs Chemical Change

Physical vs Chemical Change
Mr. Collins
Chemical Change
Any process that changes one substance into a brand new substance.
Physical Change
A type of change in which the form of matter is altered BUT one substance is not transformed into another.
Examples of a
Physical Change:
Examples of Chemical
Combustion, like the burning of a
candle, is an example of a
Chemical Change.

When iron rusts
it oxidizes.That's a Chemical Change.
You can't put sour milk back
to how it was. It's irreversible...and gross.
Burning Wood
You can't recover the wood by a reverse process...unless you're a wizard...in which case, you need to be at Hogwart's.
Mixing Vinegar and Baking Soda
Because it rearranges the molecules. How can you fix that?
Digesting Food
A new substance is formed. You're body can't run on nachos, so it turns nachos into something it can run on.
Cooking an Egg
You can't reverse cooking an egg...unless you're a wizard...in which case, you should use your powers for good instead of evil.
Baking a Cake
It can't be change back into the mixture...unless you're a wizard...in which case, you're wasting your powers on messing with delicious foods.
Using a Battery
The electric current is produced by a chemical change within the battery.
Popping Popcorn
The starch in the kernel are converted to a form that is easier to eat and digest.
Fruit Rotting
It is losing water and new chemicals are entering. Use your magical powers to make my fruit last longer, Harry!
Moldy Cheese
A new product is made, and it looks delicious!
Rusting Nails
It's being oxidized into a new substance.
Roasting a Marshmallow
It starts off white, and then it eventually melts, and that means you can't change it back...unless...
It's irreversible. Trust me. I'm a wizard.
Paper Becomes Ash
Boiling Water
All changes of state are physical
Melting an Ice Cube
No new substance is formed.
The glass pieces can be rearranged.
Breaking a Glass
Dissolving Sugar in Water
The substances may change form
but not what they are.
Shredding Paper
You're not actually changing the makeup
of the substance, just the way it looks.
Chopping Wood
You're just changing the way it looks.
Sublimating Dry Ice
Its just a change of state.
Crushed Can
Same properties, just a
different shape.
Sharpening a Pencil.
You only changed the size and
shape of the pencil.
Cutting Iron
Its still iron...duh.
Bread Dough Rising
It can change back, because
as it rises, it can pop.
Melting Iron
Melting is just a transition between states of matter. Which ones?!
Freezing Water
Its only a change of state.
Why is this a physical change?
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