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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

No description

Emma Fisler

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Timeline
The Game Basics
King Arthur asks for a new and exciting adventure
A Green Knight rides in and proposes a "friendly" Christmas game
Someone gets to strike the knight with an ax and then keep the ax for 1 year, when the knight gets to strike that person
Who will play the game?
Arthur almost accepts because none of his other knights will
Gawain steps up, and swiftly beheads the Green Knight
Knight bends over, picks up his bleeding head, reminds Gawain to come in 1 year, and then rides away
Gawain's Trip
After a year has passed, Gawain upholds his end of the deal and sets off to find the Green chapel (the designated meeting place)
After a long journey, Gawain stumbles across a castle run by Bertilak
Bertilak lets him stay there on one condition, he will give Gawain what he hunts, if Gawain gives him what Gawain acquires during the day
Bertilak and Gawain's Deal
1st Day:
Lady Bertilak kisses Gawain.
Bertilak returns from hunting, gives Gawain a deer, Gawain kisses Bertilak
2nd Day:
Lady Bertilak kisses Gawain twice.
Bertilak returns, gives Gawain a boar in exchange for 2 kisses
3rd Day:
Lady Bertilak kisses Gawain three times and gives him a girdle of immortality
Bertilak exchanges fox for 3 kisses, but Gawain keeps girdle
The Next Day
This is the day that Gawain will meet the Green Knight in the Green Chapel
Gawain meets Green Knight
Green Knight swings twice, but stops before hitting Gawain both times
Green Knight's Explanation
The Green Knight transforms, revealing himself to be Lord Bertilak, and explains that this was a trick of Morgan le Fay to test Arthur's knights, to see what they would do with the girdle
Gawain is embarrassed by his failure, but they both share a laugh
Gawain and Arthur's knights all wear a green sash to remember Gawain's adventure
Long, long time ago
New Year's Day
Honor, Chivalry, Honesty
Gawain tries to follow these three principles, but that is tested when Lady Bertilak comes into the story. He does not act honestly, and is later embarrassed because of that
The Beginning
The End
Gawain wears Lady Bertilak's girdle of immortality to the Chapel
On the third time, the Green Knight barely scrapes Gawain's neck
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