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Romiette and Julio Prezi

No description

clay pope

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Romiette and Julio Prezi

10. Julio had no say in the decision to move from Texas to Ohio. How can a move like that affect the life of a teenager? How do you think the move affected some of the decisions Julio made in the story? Julio actions were affected by leaving his friends , family and all he loved in Corpus Christi and moving to Cincinnati really made him angry. This can affect the life of a teenager by making them leave a place that they love and changing their environment by taking them to a new one. The move also affected Julio beacause he met ben and had a fight with him because he was angry because he moved to Cincinnati. Julio missed the heat and how he used to hang with his friend diego and now he's in the cold and gloomy town in Cincinnati Julio was affected by the move when encountered the gang members called the devildogs in the bathroom thinking he was tough thinking they wouldn't do nothing to him. Julio was affected by the move by being with Romiette and the Devildogs trying to keep him away from her and when they took the walk in London Woods they were thrown in the trunk and sent out on a boat. Julio was affected the move most importantly by Romiette which helped him through the whole moving process by leaving a place he loved to a place he hated and she made him love Cincinnati.
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