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Literacy staff meeting 21-05-15

No description

Ben Massey

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Literacy staff meeting 21-05-15

Thank you!
Multi-cultural topic work
With Katy & Pete
Promoting Independence
With Lisa & Julia
Success Criteria
With me and you
Whole School T4W Unit
With everyone!
Extended Staff Meeting
Thursday 21st May, 2015
Have an amazing half-term!
But first: Email Encryption
With Helen N
Reading as a Writer
Building toolkits based on key strategies rather than ETWW features
Toolkit for writing a 'magical event' build-up
'Magical event' build-up
One drizzly day, Bobby was sauntering down the windswept, deserted beach under the jagged cliffs. The angry sea pounded the shore. Then something caught his eye. Half buried in the rocks at his feet was an ancient wooden chest. “Who could have left that here?” he asked himself as he bent down to pull it out. It was covered in seaweed and barnacles and the lock was broken. Bobby excitedly opened the creaking lid.
Use the scene setting to create the mood

Use sounds to enhance the description

Use an empty word, like ‘ something’ to grab the reader’s attention

Main character asks him/herself a question

Describe the object and make it sound unusual

Character does something to the object to ‘trigger’ it.
Jack's 'Magical event' build-up
Any feedback?
Toolkit examples and resources are available in the Literacy/Primary Writing Project folder.
Spelling and Vocabulary
With Helen K and me
Spelling Teaching
Teach daily phonics
Which one? (wos, waz, woz, was?)
Spelling Strategies
Sound it out
Have a go
Use a squiggly line
Is there a word that rhymes?
Break it into syllables
Is there a suffix/prefix/root?
Is there a rule?
Ask a friend
Use a dictionary/washing line/correction
Re-read and notice mis-spellings
Practise your orange spellings in handwriting
Needs to be purposeful and use words needed for the text-type, subject and progress.
Word Interest
Try to make words memorable and worth learning.
Talk about spellings and how words work.
Teach segmenting and blending
Link to handwriting
Be fussy!
Odd one out (ear, hear, hearing, herd, earing, heard)
Clown Face
Rhyme it
Finish (bec_ _se)
Liam's 'Magical event' build-up
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