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BTEC Sport Level 2 Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

No description

Callum Jackson

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of BTEC Sport Level 2 Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities
Introduction to the Unit
This unit introduces you to sports leadership.

Learning aim A
Know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership
Learning aim B
Undertake the planning and leading of sports activities
Learning aim C
Review the planning and leading of sports activities.
You will be introduced to the basics of sports leadership and then will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate a sports activity.
How will you be assessed?
What we need to know?
Describe, using relevant examples, the attributes required for, and responsibilities of, sports leadership.

Describe the attributes of two selected successful sports leaders.

Explain the attributes required for, and responsibilities of,
sports leadership.

Evaluate the attributes of two successful sports leaders.
Compare and contrast the attributes of two successful sports leaders.

Assignment 3
Review the planning and leading of the sports activity session, describing strengths and areas for improvement, and targets for future development as a sports leader.
Explain targets for future development as a sports leader, including a personal development plan.
Justify targets for future development as a sports leader and activities within the personal development plan.

Assignment 2
Plan two selected sports activities.
Independently lead a sports activity session.
Justify the choice of activities within the sports activity plan.
Lead a successful sports activity session.




Use of language






Lesson 1: Attributes of sports leaders

The more
your methods of communication the easier it is to get
across to players, other coaches, the opposition and officials.
What are the different types of communication?
Types of communication?
verbal language.

non-verbal language.

Types of communication?
Should be a
two way process
so that both people can develop their knowledge.

Non-verbal communication helps others understand the
of the leader?
Organisation of equipment
Organisational skills are essential to the sports leader. As a sports leader or member of a coaching team, it will be your responsibility to organise:
Can you think of any examples?
Each training session (including facilities and equipment).


Paperwork, which may be essential if performers are to compete.

Health and safety.

The evaluation of each meeting for the performer and their parents.
Examples of organisational skills...
A good sports leader should have detailed knowledge of the sport that they are involved in.
Why & of what?
Knowledge of:
Good understanding of its laws and rules.

Sport specific knowledge.

Knowledge of basic fitness training and health and Safety issues.

Knowledge of current first aid techniques, and if possible an up-to- date qualification.

Basic knowledge of the care and prevention of sports injuries.
Activity structure
Some elements of coaching remain the same in any sport.

For example?




Review of the session or programme.
It is very important that a leader sets targets that the team or an individual can follow. These could be short, medium or long-term!

Why is it important to set targets?

Target Setting
End vision




Use of Language
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