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Copy of Grecian vs Epic vs Modern Hero

Maya, Catherine, Serena, and Lauren

miguel trevizo

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Grecian vs Epic vs Modern Hero

Epic Hero vs. Modern Hero Epic Hero What is an Epic Hero? An epic hero is a brave and noble character
in an epic poem whose legendary or heroic
actions are central to his/her culture, race,
or nation. Characteristics of an Epic Hero... An epic hero is a "larger than life person" who
embodies the highest ideals of his/her
culture. Epic heros are regular human beings whose aspirations and accomplishments set him/her
apart. The epic hero is an archetypal character. An archetype is a character, situation, or image that is recognizable in many times and cultures. Ex- sea monster, buried treasure The epic hero usually undertakes a quest or a
journey and overcomes great obstacles or
opponents. Modern Hero hi my name is lauren What is a modern hero? A modern hero can be anything from a crime-fighting superhero with special powers, to an ordinary person put in special circumstances in which they have to overcome obstacles. So...Why do we learn about epic heroes? Like modern heroes, epic heroes embodied traits that show certain morals and virtues that are valued by our society today. In ancient times, people used epic heroes to create myths that helped to explain why certain things occurred in our world. The epic heroes illustrated characteristics like morals, courage, humility, strength, and perseverance to name a few. They became everything a human hoped to be and more. Is that it? Not only do heroes entertain us, they give us a chance to see the potential of human greatness--a model of who we should strive to be. Although we may never encounter a Goddess on the high seas or fly across the city to fend off danger, heroes encounter the same thematic universal concerns that the everyday man (and woman) can and will encounter:
the loss of a loved one
doing the right thing
life and death The Hero's Journey Monomyth- The hero's journey characterized by a call to do some extraordinary task. Usually the hero is aided by divine intervention or an older, wise person.
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