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Intro to the EU Security

No description

Benjamin Farrand

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of Intro to the EU Security

Time to prepare
1. Summary of last class
2. News of the week
3. Insecurity in Europe
4. Responses to insecurity
Today's Class
Building on last week
The EU has a large number of social and educational programmes;

Aimed at SUPPORTING member states’ national educational structures (main responsibility remains with MS);

Purpose of initiatives is to overcome common challenges (ageing societies, skills deficit among the workforce, global competition) and enable common market;

Example of the Erasmus Programme.
Summary of last class
Drug seizure
What are for you the main sources of insecurity in the European continent?
Internal security versus Defense;
Internal security = Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ);
Insecurity in Europe
Economic impacts
BBC, 17th November: ‘BREXIT- EU gives May two weeks to act on divorce bill and Ireland’

European Council: Tusk to issue a recommendation by the 14th of December to give green light to the next phase of talks;
Progress needs to happen until the beginning of Dec. otherwise the recommendation is negative. Consequences?;
UK has promised to meet its obligations until 2020, but not after that (how about UK salaries and pensions?);
Ireland will veto the entire trade deal if there a physical border is restored;
If you were the government, what would you do?
News of the Week
Introduction to the European Union
An example
Insecurity in Europe
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: collection of European home affairs and justice policies and instruments designed to ensure security, fundamental rights and free movement:
Policies to fight terrorism and organised crime;
Policies to manage immigration;
Policies to manage asylum;
Police cooperation;
Judicial cooperation.

Main threats to the AFSJ?
Why was it created?

Offers you can't refuse
Organised crime as one of the main security threats to the European Union and the world
growing threat to healthy economies
democratic systems
citizen’s security

OC in figures:
UK: £30bn a year (social and economic harm included);
World: £2 trillion a year;

The Threat of Organised Crime
The Threat of Organised Crime
Breaking economies
Drug trafficking
Smuggling/ trafficking in human beings
Weapon smuggling
Environmental crimes
Trafficking of commodities
Maritime piracy
Activities covered by organised crime
How does it work?
OC has reached unprecedented level of power:
Increased and varied activities
Increased its geographical reach
Structures have changed (network)
Highly mobile;
Mixes legal and illegal businesses;
Highly responsive to law enfor.
Protected by grey mass.
The impacts of organised crime
Responses to Organised Crime in the EU
What is the AFSJ and why is it important?

Assignment to be submitted by Thursday, 30th November 2017, by e mail to me.

Maximum length allowed: 250 words
To identify what are the main security threats in Europe;
To understand the evolution of the EU’ fight against insecurity;

Crime 1
Crime 2
Crime 3
Crime 4
Crime 5
Responses of the European Union
Police Cooperation
Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters

What has been the EU’s answer to this problem?
A similar approach to criminal behaviour throughout the EU.
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