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Paige Schiffman

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Paige Schiffman

Paige Schiffman
The Journey of Nowhere To Call Home
By: Paige Schiffman
Chapter One
In chapter one Frankie's father commits suicide due to the loss of his company.
In the 1930's there was a stock market crash which took away many companies to create a lot of people in debt and homelessness. Some of those days were called Black Tuesday and Black Thursday.
Chapters Six & Seven
In chapters six, Frankie remebers that girls can't be homeless so she buys boy clothes to make her hobo life a lot safer. In chapter seven, Frankie is inside a boxcar as she meets Stewpot. Frankie gets her nickname, Frankie Blue.
Chapters Two & Three
In chapter two and three, Frankie's house and possessions are being sold to pay up her father's debts. Frankie is told to live with her Aunt Bushnell in Chicago. Frankie is also introduced to the idea of being a hobo.
Frankie learns what a hobo is from Junius, her gardener. Selling her possessions to the bank will help Frankie to not have to pay off her father's debts as she gets older.
Chapters Four & Five
Frankie cashies in her train ticket to Chicago and uses it for money. She then gets in a taxi and decides to run off attrieving her goal to become a hobo.
Frankie had thought that she was doing what she wants when she ran off but she is in for a ride of her life.
Thanks for watching!
Chapters 8-10
In chapters eight through ten, Frankie is introduced to working for her food. She is also introduced to actual hobo girls while staying the night at the jungle.
Chapters 11-13
In chapters eleven through thirteen, Frankies expensive belongings were stolen by people she stayed in the jungle with. Frankie also jumped her first moving train.
Chapters 14-16
In chapters fourteen through sixteen, Frankie took a rough first jump off of a train. She also bought a knife to not only defend herself but to carve wood.
Chapters 17-19
In chapters seventeen through nineteen, Frankie confessed to Stewpot that she was a girl and that in the past she was wealthy. Frankie also ended up getting arrested but then took a train out of town to stay the night in a missionary.
Chapters 20-24
In chapters twenty through twenty four, Frankie and Stewpot saw the Rocky Mountains together. Shortly after, Stewpot got very sick and Frankie used her money to bring a doctor to him at the Hooverville. Stewpot then died of a sickness.
Chapters 25&26
In chapters twenty five and twenty six, Frankie used the rest of her money to buy a ticket to her Aunt Bushnell's house in Chicago. After arriving at the house, Frankie discovered that her Aunt was someone who helped out the hoboes and cared for them. And finally, Frankie knocks on the door and her story begins again.
The End!
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