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But My Textbook Said This Would Work

No description

Alyssa Felix

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of But My Textbook Said This Would Work

But My Textbook Said This Would Work
Relevant Facts
The bank is trying to emphasize hiring racial minorities to change its image of being a "racist" company
The materials are mostly taught on computers and objective quizzes, making it difficult to tamper with their answers
Alice's main job as a manger is to train employees
Belinda, the only black trainee, coincidentally is also the only one performing poorly
Ethical Issues
Belinda, a African American trainee, feels as if she is being discriminated by Alice, her white manager, due to her skin color.
Belinda is not understanding the materials as well as her colleagues
and insisted that she was given different treatment solely due to her skin color and threatened to complain if Alice did not pass her.

Belinda claims “You’re picking on me because I’m black. I don’t see you picking on white girls. I’d better pass this training, or your company is in trouble.”

Possible Alternatives
Hire more racial minorities from the start
Offer extra help after class for the ones that are performing poorly
Pass Belinda regardless to avoid complication
Primary Stakeholders
Alice, the manager
Belinda, the trainee
The company's employers
The company's customers
The community
Alyssa Felix, Period 5
What actions should be taken?

Hire a more diverse staff, especially for those in Alice's position
Retrain the managers to ensure they are properly training the trainees
Offer more hands-on help with the trainees
The environment Belinda was in caused her thinking of feeling as if she was treated differently
Even if they were attempting to hire more racial minorities, it was obvious they didn't try very hard
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