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Twitter Tattle

No description

Andi Quasebarth

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Twitter Tattle

347,000 tweets are sent every minute.
As the Minutes Go By.....
According to study, twitter is more addictive than drugs and alcohol.
Don't get addicted....
A day's worth of twitter posts could fill a
10 million page book.
In just a day...
"Friend stalker" was one of the early names for twitter.
Call me names...
The FBI has a twitter
slang dictionary.
They are involved...
The CIA reads up to 5 million tweets a day.
They are watching....
Twitter Tattle

In 2013, a fake tweet temporarily wiped out U.S $130 billion off the stock market.
Justin Bieber has more followers on twitter then Spain has people.
There are
people in Spain
In 2001, someone hacked associated press' twitter account and tweeted that 2 bombs had exploded at the white house.The stock market crashed within seconds.
90% of the world's internet users don't use twitter.
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