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Human History as a Football Field

Timeline of human history and migration information.

Thaddeus Schwartz

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Human History as a Football Field

History of Humans
as a football field
200,000 years ago we see the first bones of homo sapiens in Africa (Ethiopia).
4.5 million years ago we see the first ‘hominid’ or human like creatures. (Ardipithecus)
40,000 years ago People begin using tools and begin living in nomadic hunting and gathering groups. Complex language also dates to this point.
5,000 years ago we see the first major civilizations arise, as well as formal governments and written languages.
12,000 years ago is the Agricultural or Green Revolution, people begin growing crops and for the first time, people stay in one spot and we see the first settled societies that are not nomadic. We also see the first evidence of writing and early math, most likely to record crop production.
200,000 Years Ago
40,000 Years Ago
12,000 Years Ago
6 Yard Line
2 Yard Line
5,000 Years Ago
200 years ago we discover electricity.
4" from end zone
Around this time the Bering Land Bridge brings people into the Americas...
Click below to view
a 4 min presentation
that explains
human migrations
Population Growth
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