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Listening to the Volcano Story

Closing Moves ELC Broward County

Valerie Mendez

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Listening to the Volcano Story

This is the Village of Smoldering Pines
This is Milo
Smoldering Pines is a unique kind of town because spoken words take on physical form. They are the consistency of particle board and are used around the village as planters or stepping stones.
It is surrounded on all sides by steep cannons and lay on the foot of the great sleeping volcano,
One day, Mt. Discorida suddenly awakens and threatens to rain fiery apocalyse all over the village. The residents were frantic!
The crowd buzzed with fear and began shouting ideas as to what they should do. "Put a cork in it ... no, we need to climb."
As they spoke, a wall began to form. Milo stood apart
the group and the words that fell between the two groups.
"Hey look at that...
I see Milo's thoughts!"
"I'm sorry, I....didn't mean to...I really must go"
The next morning Libby Verbatim approached Milo. What other ideas do you have in your head? Could you do that thing again?
Fireside chats
By following Milo's lead and
more deeply into what other's were thinking, they became open to
hearing new perspectives
everyone shared ideas
followed Milo's lead & became open to hearing perspectives
considered possibilities
Milo decided to gather some of her neighbors. "Tonight is your turn to reveal what YOU'RE thinking" she told them. And so it began...
Eventually they could see
they hadn't seen before.
Mt. Discordia was erupting!
They continued to talk, only this time, their words-
with their
didn't fall into random piles, but somehow came together
Milo was deep in thought...
'By changing the way we talked, we created something new that nobody expected'.
'We may loose our village, but I wonder... what else can we create by changing the way we use our words?'
A villager approached Milo and her neighbors. "Whose idea was the bridge?" he asked. "Actually, it was nobody's" said Milo "or
said Verbatim.

During fireside
This had NEVER happened in Smoldering Pines.
Milo retreated and went home.
Milo's thoughts became visible again!
Just as were beginning to become the norm, the inevitable happened...
"We can't continue to waste time talking...We need to ACT!!!"
Milo encouraged the group to KEEP
to one another.
and this happened...
Mt. Discordia.
"Can you teach us what you did?" a young woman asked.
Milo looked at her neighbors and they all nodded. "My friends and I are getting together tonight, come join us and we'll show you how."
"Is it hard?" the girl asked nervously. "Perhaps," Milo replied. "Join us, and let's see what you think..."
fireside chats
The End.
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