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Marcus Greco

No description

Susan Baker

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of Marcus Greco

Marcus Greco
The Dinka Tribe
Literary systems were not introduced until the late 1930's.
Kids do not start an education until 10 years of age. Only boys are admitted to get an education.
Historical Events
In 1985 Northern Government made the decision that all people should be Muslim.
The Dinka were forced out of their villages and attacked by wildlife and their archrivals the Nuer tribe.

The Dinka tribe is the largest sitting tribe to inhabit Sudan.
4,000,000 people
Aweil - Rek
Pangak -Thoi Luach
Bailiet - Ngok Renk
Bentiu - Ruweng
Bor - Bor, Twic, Nyarweng, Hol
Rumbek - Agar Gok
Tonj - Rek Luach
Gogrial - Rek
Yirol - Aliab, Ciec
Abyei - Ngok

Demography and Geography
The Dinka language is spoken throughout the whole territory with many variations of the language.
The Rek of Tonj is said to be the standard Dinka language.

In 2010 Miss South Sudan won the Miss Earth Beauty Contest.
wooden huts. Like this.
Dinka tribsmen traditionlly live in
This is a map of South Sudan.
The capital city is Jaba
This is the flag of South Sudan
It was adopted July 9, 2005
The Dinka Tribe uses something called scarification
The scars are a sign of becoming an adult
This is what food looks like in South Sudan.
It's looks pretty gross!!
The Dinka belive that thier chief possess supernatural powers associated with truth-telling, justice, wealth, knowledge, and prophetic vision.
Dinka culture is centred on cattle. It is the medium of exchange whether in marriage, payment of debts and blood price, or for sacrifices to the spirits and on major occasions and rites.
Those are some wacky facts!!!
Curtural Facts
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In the past 30 to 40 years the Sudanese Civil war was won by the South. The Dinka also still have a long time feud with the Nuer tribe.
Conflict in the Past
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