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captain america hero cycle

No description

luke jones

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of captain america hero cycle

captain America`s hero cycle. Captain America. captain America`s background. Call to action. Mentor. Captain America`s name is steve Rodgers. He lived in Brooklyn and wanted to join the military but was frequently denied because he had asthma and was to small. He got into a lot of fights with people who called him small. shadows and temtations. captain America crashes the the plain in the water so that the bomb doesn`t make it to America. this story tells us no matter who we are we ca make a difference if we keep trying and don`t give up. A man named doctor erskine gave Steve Rodgers a chance to become a soldier. Steve Rodgers finds a mentor in doctor erskine who tells to be a good man and respect the power he will be given. Crossing the treshold Steve Rodgers is turned into a super soldier with doctor erskines formula. Belly of the whale. doctor erskine is killed by a member of hydro and one of the red skulls soldier. captain America chases after and ceches him but the man kills himself. Trials. The project captain America is taking part in is shut down after doctor erskines death and captain America is made to do shows as a war bond seller. captain America learns that his best friend Bucky has been captured along with the rest of the 100st. when captain america frees the soldiers he meets the red skull he tries to capture him but the red skull escapes. heroic battle. captain America defeats the red skull and saves America. The ultimate boon. Returning home. When captain America crashes the plain he is frozen and is only found years later. lesion for humanity. sources. captain america(steve rodgers)marvel comics database. Captain America the first avenger.com
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