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Aidan Corey

No description

Susan Baker

on 25 May 2018

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Transcript of Aidan Corey

Aidan Corey
The Dinka Tribe
The Dinka's first person ever was named Deng. People are now descended into this name. The Dinka has had some rough history with Northern Sudan. Many fights have been fought over which religion is better. The most famous one was in 1985. Northern Sudan attacked with armed airplanes causing South Sudanese people to flee into bush and they were separated from there families for a very long time, if not ever getting to see there family again.

Dinka Location
The Dinka Tribe is found in Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile and Southern Korfodan.
Historical Facts about the Dinka
In 1985, the government in Northern Sudan decided everyone should follow there religion. The south wanted to keep there religion, causing a devastating war to the both sides.
Cultural Facts
Games and Sports
The tribe doesn't have any games due to war
Cattle is a big part of the Dinka Tribe.
They don't have any real holiday's, besides Autumn Celebration. The celebration is where they give up there favorite cattle come together and unite.
Home, Food, Clothing
Famous foods include, Cow milk, fish, meat, beans, tomatoes, rice.
The houses are made out of brick and
hay. There is a lot of houses made of different
types of materials. Well some dont really live in a home
The clothing the Dinka people wear
is influenced by culture or religion, as you see from the photo from above
Sudanese Flag
The red on the flag is signifies the struggle for freedom.
The white on the flag stands for peace, light, and love
The black on the flag stands for the Sudanese people
The green stands for islam, agriculture and prosperity


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