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History of Occupational Therapy: pre-1900-1979

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Rachel Proffitt

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of History of Occupational Therapy: pre-1900-1979

History of Occupational Therapy: pre-1900-1979
Reilly, 1962
"Is occupational therapy a sufficiently vital and unique service for medicine to support and society to reward?"

"That man, through the use of his hands as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health"

Fidler, 1966
MU first OT graduates- 1971 (program formed 1967)

MU first master's students: 1974
State of Healthcare and Medicine
Introduction of moral treatment
"Insane Asylums"

Foundations of Occupational Therapy
Hull House
Adolf Meyer
Historical Context
Teddy Roosevelt
Supported worker rights
National Park system
"Progressive Era"

1910- Medical schools move into Universities

World War I- 1914-1918 (US Involvement 1917-1918)
7 million soldiers with disabilities
Reconstruction aides

1920- Women gain the right to vote

Foundations of the Profession
George Edward Barton
Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy
March 1917
Consolation House
Clifton Springs, NY
Eleanor Clarke Slagle
Historical Context
1919-1933 Prohibition
1929 Great Depression
1932- FDR
Progress in the Profession
William Rush Dunton, Jr.
Renamed American Occupational Therapy Association

Grew to 1,000 members by 1929

1935- Accreditation in concert with the AMA
Historical Context
1939-1945 World War II- US enters in 1941

1943, 1954- Vocational Rehabilitation Act Amendments

1944- NIH funds for non-federal research

1950-1953 Korean War

1951- Joint Commission (JCAHCO) established

1954- Disability added to Social Security

De-institutionalization, vaccines, medical progress
Occupational Therapy: Shifting to Science
1956- Occupational therapy assistants
1959- World Federation of Occupational Therapy

First OT textbook! (can you guess which one?)
Margaret Rood
Historical Context
1955-1975: Vietnam War
1962: Cuban Missile Crisis
Cold War: Mutually Assured Destruction
Egypt/Israel Relations
1973: Oil Crisis

1968- Architectural Barriers Act

1975- Education for All Handicap Children

1978- Rehabilitation Act
Pertinent Legislation
Occupational Therapy: Theoretical Foundations
Healthcare Advances
Civil/disability rights
CAT scans
MRI scans
Independent Living movement
Healthcare costs increasing
Chronic impairment care
Professional identity- separate from medicine
1964- AOTA reorganized
1965- AOTF formed
1966- ASCOTA formed (SOTA)
Wilma West
A. Jean Ayres
Elizabeth Yerxa
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