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Intro to EPQ

No description

Carolina Fernandez

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Intro to EPQ

Getting Started The Extended Project Assessment
Title development In pairs:
What do you think will be the key challenges for the extended project?

What are you most looking forward to? Task 1: Organisation production log
time management
secondary research notes
primary research
project planning & drafts
bibliography & referencing
skills development
Presentation Set up your folder with booklet at the front: Bring folder to all lessons and
supervisor meetings Task 2. The project timeline Continuation on the EPQ in September will depend on:

1. AS results in all subjects
2. completion of holiday tasks
3. Continued positive feedback from subject teachers Further resources to support your EPQ What will you be awarded marks for? 3. Assessment criteria Manage (20%)
Use Resources (20%)
Develop and Realise (40%)

Review (20%) Sources of evidence for ALL criteria:

1. supervisor meetings
3. Final piece
4. Presentation
5. Any extra documentation - planning, timelines, drafting, literature review How to use an academic library Skills sessions developing a title strategies for planning and drafting how to avoid plagiarism Referencing developing a line of reasoning demonstrating high order critical thinking in your work secondary research skills 4. Devising a question In pairs:
1. share ideas about EPQ topic
2. narrow your focus
3. Devise 3-4 potential questions using word sheet
4. Break into sub-questions - small problems to solve / research 1. Read through student booklet, particularly tips and questions for supervisor meetings

2. Begin searching for a range of sources related to your topic - bring to next lesson

3. Using this research, begin to develop a mindmap / table to explore the depth and breadth of your study

4. Be ready for your initial planning meeting - title(s)
and folder of evidence of progress so far For next session:
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