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How transportation fueled the Industrial Revolution

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David Baroody

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of How transportation fueled the Industrial Revolution

How Transportaion fuels the Industrial Revolution
By Keegan Cummings
4/22/10 Trains railroads steam boats Canals Trains were a huge part in the
Industrial Revolution because
they made trade a whole lot
quicker. They also made
transportaion to other states
quicker aslo. But there was also a down side most of the early trains couldn't make a turn as sharply as today, so the trains or "Iron Horses" as they were called, fell of the track and crashed. Resourses

Without railroads the trains wouldn't be
able to get any where and the tracks went
all over the country with the telegraph
wire following along side them.
But some of the tracks were realy sharp
and the trains fell off the track and many
people would get hurt.
Steam boats were another advancement in the indusrial revolution because it made traveling on water a whole lot easier and it would make it quicker. But when the engines were over powered with steam the would explode and destroy the boat.
Canals also made it easier to
travel and trade along the land,
but it took a while to make them
and they weren't very deep so
there were tracks along side the
canal and horses would pull the
boat up stream.

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