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Humane Society for Shelter Pets: "We Want YOU!"

Chop-Chop Advertising's plan for increasing HSSP's profile

Matthew Pagel

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Humane Society for Shelter Pets: "We Want YOU!"

Some Numbers "We Want YOU!" HSSP Campaign Animal shelters in the U.S.: approx. 5000
Animals taken in yearly: approx. 5-7million
Animals euthanized yearly: approx. 3-4 million Who is doing what? Humane Society of the United States: Use their influence to change legislation in D.C. The Problem HSSP is a rather anonymous organization The gap between shelters and YOU The Humane Society for Shelter Pets Our Goals Make the HSSP synonymous with helping shelter pets
Give the public knowledge about the places house pets come from and where they end up
Make shelters a more widely used method for adopting a pet Most animals are euthanized due to a lack of space. Shelters are overcrowded, underfunded and have holding periods as little as five days American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Primarily interested in prosecution of animal abusers People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Use spectacle to raise awareness for animal rights HSUS, ASPCA and PETA have minimal involvement with shelters Organizationally devoted to mobilizing regular people to help their local shelter HSSP Mission statement The Humane Society for Shelter Pets is dedicated to supporting the nation’s local pet shelters by urging Americans to give locally. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable base of local support for the nation’s network of local pet shelters through grassroots advocacy and outreach. Google "HSSP"... Health Sciences Scholar Program
Homeland Security Standards Panel
Brandeis University major program
First mention: HumaneWatch.info -HumaneWatch.info appears to be a "flack blog" First legitimate hit comes on page six Advertising Budget Television Television ad/ short documentary production costs $50,000. 
Television continuous air time (5 times per day) on select networks: 
Animal Planet $601,890/year
ABC $457,900/year
Fox $450,350/year
CBS $437,600/year TOTAL = $1,997,740 Outdoor/Billboard Billboard rent space: $1,400/month for 285 locations TOTAL = $4,700,000 Advertising Budget Radio TOTAL = $198,575 Radio ad air time on select stations (7 times per day) :
Kiss FM $57,345/year
WMMS $53,000/year
WGAR $51,230/year
The Fish $37,000/year Internet, Print & Merchandise Website maintenance: $309/year
Social media maintenance: $2,000/year
Posters 2 million prints at 1.56/print: $3,120,000
Miscellaneous novelty items: $400,000
Magazine Ads: $.75/1000 people* TOTAL = $3,522,309* Schedule Campaign is year-long starting November 1 of 2013 and to be concluded November 30 2014 Pulsing schedule with two strong pulses during the winter holiday season and late spring into early summer Objectives Increase adoptions from shelters by %15
Decrease the amount of pets taken-in by shelters by %15
Decrease euthanized animals by %15 To be measured at the end of a year-long campaign Strategies & Tactics Create awareness of HSSP among primary, secondary and tertiary target audience members Position HSSP as the leading pet non-profit organization and advocacy group in the entire nation Tactics Create a strong presence in all channels of communication, such as mass telecommunications, social networking, print media and billboards. Sponsor television shows such as Animal Hoarders. Have a presence at dog shows and expos. Tactics Use social media and website in conjunction with each other.
Social media, website, television, radio and print media all follow a general theme.
Sponsor local and national events such as concerts to benefit shelter pets, local adoption drives, ect.
Launch viral short documentary on YouTube to gain the younger audience, then on Animal Planet to gain the remaining audience members' attention Make the HSSP brand valuable and high-end in the market Tactics Create boutiques in high-end malls that offer personalized novelty items for consumers, of which a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting the local HSSP shelter
Glorify HSSP success stories in media. Position HSSP in the market as the savior of all homeless animals and animals bred from illegitimate breeders/ puppy mills Tactics Feature HSSP in several Animal Cops episodes, where all animals taken from hoarders and illegal breeders are brought to local HSSP shelters and are found good homes through adoption. 
Have HSSP team up with animal protection authorities to save animals from abusive homes.  Print Ad Examples Outdoor Ad Examples Merchandise & Poster Examples Source: ASPCA from www.humaneforpets.com Target Audience Primary audience: Financially stable family units, typically with one or more child under the age of 18 and both parents present Secondary audience: Professional couples without children, professional singles Tertiary audience: Young people, people living on their own for the first time, single parent families source: HSSP website
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