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Socio-Cultural Psychology : Cults

No description

Man Chung

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Socio-Cultural Psychology : Cults

Cults By: Man Chung, Bradley Barker, and James Butcher Compliance MAN Social BRADLEY SocioCultural Psychology Cults - a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader. JAMES Shoko Asahara started it in 1984 as a yoga program
1995 - 9000 members in Japan, 40,000 worldwide
2004 - 1,500 to 2,000 members worldwide
Killed a member leaving
Chemical attack on Japan, 7 dead 200 effected
11 members sentenced to death Aum Shinrikyo Alec Peterson started it in 1968
Currently has more than 680,000 members
No known deaths
Members commit at ages as low as 3 Conformity Foot In Door Technique
Cult member: Would you like to sign up for a free magazine subscription to Personal Revival Weekly.
Civilian: Sure, its completely free, right?
Cult member: Yes, sir! Would you also like to join us for our weekend seminar?
Civilian: Um Yeah, I guess so. Low Balling Low balling is a technique
where an incentive is offered
with an initial request.Once
agreed upon, the incentive is
removed, making the initial
request less attractive, but the
victim agrees because of
commitment. In example, Would you like
to attend a week of Personal
Revival seminars at Rome,
Italy, all expenses paid. After
agreeing, the trip is canceled
and the seminar is moved to
a nearby location. Door in the Face technique The request start high and are lowered, so when the initial request is made, the victim is more likely to comply Cult member: Would you like to join our cult and commit mass suicide?
Citizen: No thanks freak
Cult member: Okay, well then, would you just like to attend our seminar?
Citizen: Yeah, sure. Example : IB Foot in Door:
Started making appearances and giving small tokens to children in the 8th grade
Gives Children Candy
Encourages children to sign cards of commitment.
Low Balling:
Offers a diploma, but does not allow its participants to earn it, until after graduation.
Face in Door:
Sign to Join IB, move down to Sign to consider IB
Start off junior year, with a small work load A cult is a cult is a cult — unless it’s my religious group
-Anonymous New members are put in ambiguous situations Techniques Learning Theory Cult Leader starts with ideas Cult leader imposes ideas on other members New members will conform with other cult members to fit in Members imitate leader's behavior Cult has now been started -assumes humans learn behavior through observational learning (people learn by imitating) Attention
Motor reproduction
Liking the model Heaven's Gate
Example ______ -a type of social influence in which individuals change their attitudes or behavior to adhere to existing social norms Example:
Order of the Solar Temple-
Joseph Di Mambro and other members kill a 3-month old boy. Other members see this as a group norm and find no problem killing other people and/or committing suicide for the cult.
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