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Freak the Mighty: Morquio Syndrome

No description

maya grant

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty: Morquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome
By: Maya Grant The disease that
killed Kevin A Little About Morquio Syndrome Morquio syndrome is a very rare disease that only happens every 200,000 births. To get Morquio Syndrome both your parent have to pass down to the child a defective gene. You are more likely to get Morquio Syndrome if a relative has already had it. What is Morquio Syndrome? Morquio Syndrome is where part of your body is disabled meaning your lungs, heart, brain etc. is all growing but your body isn't. Most people with Morquio Syndrome generally stay the size of a toddler. Symptoms The symptoms for Morquio Syndrome are funny shaped chest and rib cage, (ribs usually flare out) knock knees, abnormal develop of spine and bones, to big of a head, to short of a neck and very spaced teeth. Most people notice Morquio Syndrome when the child is in between the ages of 1-3 or when the child can walk. Other Names for Morquio Syndrome Morquio Syndrome has many different names. Here are some different ones; Galactosimane-6-sulfatase,
MPS IV, Mucopolysaccharidosis and Beta Galactosidase Deficiency. The reason they use so many names is so that everyone understands what it really is. Life Span The average life span for a person with Morquio Syndrome is until they are around 30 but that is for the less severe cases. For people with more severe cases of Morquio Syndrome they tend to live around 10-20 years of age. Disorder in the Book/Movie and Disorder in Real Life Similarities
-Both make people very short
-Kevin had abnormal spine and bone functions which is one of the symptoms in real life Differences
-Even though both
of them were very
short the thing is in the movie Kevin was not the size of a toddler
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