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Why Chiropractic

"Why chiropractic" is a brief introduction to the complexity of this scientific discipline

Daniel Leggereit

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Why Chiropractic

Why Chiropractic?
It Starts with a coral
All coral is made of millions of tiny organisms living together

This makes huge coral reef beds that can be seen from space
But Why Chiropractic?

Well the human body is exactly the same as coral...
But why Chiro??
The difference between us and a coral is that we have...
Under Microscope
its made of
73 Trillion
they carry signals from; skin, muscle, joints, tendons, fascia & vessels.........tiny micro colonies of tissue
up to
The Brain
Well that's exciting
So how does the Brains & Body function???
Nerve Impulses Or Electricity - just like a light bulb
So what happens if the signal is disrupted?
ANY Brain Function
Everything you do involves your
nervous system
Muscle Weakness
We get sloppy FUNCTION.... like
Inflammation and pain
Learning & Developmental Delay
How do I disrupt or create interference within the nervous system?
Physical Trauma
Emotional Trauma
Chemical Trauma
WHO are the only primary health care practitioners trained 5 years in university to detect and correct interferences to the human nervous system

Hint. it starts with a
and ends with a
poor eyesight
Muscles for movement
Lungs & Heart
Digestion and Endocrine system
Sneezing & Breathing
Chewing and Eating
We don't fix, treat or cure anything...

...we simply remove interference
to allow the body to express its potential

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