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The Signal Man

No description

Benjamin Schmitt

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Signal Man

Literary Elements
Conflict & Setting
One theme in the story is insanity.

Link to the story...
born February 7th, 1812 in Landport, England
father imprisoned, forced to work at a factory
returned after three years to be educated
started as a journalist, gained fame then went on to write many amazing novels and short stories
married Catherine Hoggart, had 10 children
died June 9, 1870 and is buried in Westminster Abbey
Charles Dickens
The Signal Man
by: Charles Dickens
presentation by: Ben Schmitt
some other works by Mr. Dickens include...
The story begins as our narrator calls "Hello! Bellow There!" down to a signalman at a railway post. The signalman is reluctant, but lets him down. The signalman explains that he has been visited by a ghost, or a spectre as he calls it, three times. The spectre waves one arm, covers his eyes with the other, and screams "hello below there". After the first time, a train derailed and many people died. The second time he
saw it, a woman in a train coming by his post died. He saw it earlier in the week, and now is worried something bad will happen. The narrator was acting in the same way as the spectre, with one arm covering his eyes and waving the other, and that is why the signalman was reluctant to let our narrator down to his post. The next day the narrator comes back down to the post to find a group of police officers. When he asks what happen, the officers saw that the signalman was struck by an oncoming train. The operator of the train had one arm covering his face, one arm waving, and he was shouting hello bellow there.
Link to the test...
internal conflict between the signalman and himself
whether or not the spectre was real, or if it was a hallucination
led to his death, he was too preoccupied thinking the operator was the spectre to get out of the way
I would give The
Signal Man by Charles Dickens 4 out of 5 stars. It was very interesting and entertaining to read. Some of the story was confusing, however. It was somewhat of a horror story, that leaves the reader thinking at
the end, which I like.
the setting is where the story takes place and the time period
the story was published in 1866, and that is when it took place
the geographic setting is England, and it occurs at the opening of a tunnel, at a railroad post
Thank you for watching!
The Black Veil
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Doctor Marigold
A Flight
Little Neil
Going Into Society
Mugby Junction
The River
The Signal Man is alone all the time at his isolated railway post. He grows insane from all of the time to himself. He creates this idea of a spirit coming to warn him of danger. In reality, this may have been an excuse for the man, when it was really his fault the danger occurred. His insanity drove him to the tracks, where he sees an oncoming train, the but conductor is acting just like the "spirit", so he is frozen in place. His insanity got the best of him.
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