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2013 LEAD Orientation

No description

Mark Andriesse

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of 2013 LEAD Orientation

Overview The LEAD Program LEAD Phase 1 LEAD Phase III Aligns to Domain one of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards
Submission of a reflective essay written to the statement -What have you done to support leadership within your school organization and demonstrate that student achievement is a top priority to you? (2 pages maximum, 12 point font, double-spaced)
Follow professional writing protocol
Maximum of 2 pages, 12 point font, double-spaced LEAD Documentation LEAD Documentation LEAD Application
Include all information requested
Mentor Principal MUST sign the application (Principal signature only - Assistant Principal, Intern Principal, or other signatures are not acceptable)
Mentors should understand their responsibility goes further than signing the form LEAD Documentation
The Application Process – aligned to the Florida Principal Leadership Standards

Phase I: Documentation/Essay
Phase II: Leadership Profile
Phase III: Writing Sample
Phase IV: Notification of Selection How Do I Participate in LEAD? Prepare for application to the LEAD Program:
Work with a mentor principal to complete a variety of out-of-classroom leadership experiences
Go above and beyond the “regular” duties of your work assignment/take on roles to impact the whole school
Successfully advance through the multi-step application process
Complete all program requirements within the Cohort’s given timeline How Do I Participate in LEAD? Board Policy #4002.14: Selection, Appointment and Professional Development of School-based Managerial Personnel

Item #3 states: . . . As of August 2004, completion of LEAD or a comparable program (from another state or county) is
a mandatory requirement for eligibility to become an Interim Assistant Principal Why Do I Need LEAD? Leadership Experience and Administrative Development
Program Orientation
February, 2013 A copy of applicant’s valid Florida Teaching Certificate showing Level 1 Educational Leadership Certification (Must be a 5-year Professional Certificate in good standing and within the validity period - Temporary Non-Renewable is not acceptable) LEAD Documentation
Minimum requirements for LEAD Applicants:
Full time teachers of record or District-based certified instructional employees of Broward County Public Schools (including Broward County charter schools)with three years of documented evaluations (at least one year from a Broward County School)

Being mentored by a Principal/Director

Aspire to be a school-based administrator Phase I - LEAD Documentation/Essay The LEAD Program is:
A relevant, rigorous program for aspiring school-based leaders
A requirement to be eligible for appointment as an Assistant Principal in BCPS
A preparatory program for aspiring leaders who are ready to be appointed as an Assistant Principal.
Currently using a multi-step, competitive application process What is the LEAD Program? Interim
1st Year
Principal Intern Principal Interim Assistant Principal LEAD The LEAD Program is the first step into the Broward Turn-Around Principal Continuum What is the LEAD Program? Applicants whose documentation packet scores at or above a targeted score will prompt a Leadership Profile to be sent directly to the Mentor Principal

Mentor Principals/Directors will be asked to complete the Leadership Profile and return the signed form directly to Talent Development

The assessor will rate the applicant’s leadership skills based on a set of indicators

Results of the profile will be disclosed ONLY by the applicant’s Mentor Principal/Director Applicants whose Leadership Profile score meets or exceeds targeted score will be invited to Talent Development to complete a timed Writing Sample to a specific school scenario

Writing Samples will be based on scenarios aligned to the Revised Florida Principal Leadership Standards

Writing Samples will be rated based on grammar, syntax, conventions, clarity of message, spelling and punctuation Phase III: Writing Sample Aligned to Domain 3 of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards

Timed writing samples will be completed on Mac laptops – Those invited to submit a writing sample should be used to using a Mac laptop Phase III: Writing Sample Be flexible and available
Let others see your “passion” to be a leader, especially your Mentor Principal/Director
Start planning for future participation
Be patient and LEARN
Avoid the checklist mentality and the entitlement attitude What do I do now? If you are not selected, get ready for next year
Meet with your principal and ask for his/her assistance and for more experiences
Strengthen your leadership résumé
Be able to “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk”
Sharpen your “soft” skills What do I do now? February 13th, 2013 - LEAD Orientation

Friday, March 1st, 2013 - All application documentation due - Submit as one (1) file to Cab e-mail LEADApplication as indicated in instructions

March, 2013 - Notification of Phase II candidates

April, 2013 – Notification of Phase III candidates. Presentations scheduled for Phase III candidates

June, 2013 – Notification of 2013/2014 LEAD Cohort participants LEAD Application Timeline Thank you for your commitment to our students and to education! Applicants will create a ten minute presentation in the format of their choice

Presentation should speak to what you have to offer the District as a future school leader Phase III: Presentation Phase III:
Applicant Presentation Applicants qualifying for Phase 3 will also present at Talent Development with interview questions to follow

The 2013 Interview Panel will consist of

Principal/Intern Principal

Talent Development Staff Representative Phase III: Interview Panel Interview panel will ask follow-up questions related to the applicant’s presentation (10 minutes)
Follow-up questions will be aligned to Domain four of the FPLS
Writing Sample/Presentation/Interview scores will be ranked
Those individuals scoring at a targeted score will be invited to participate in the 2013 LEAD Cohort Phase II: Leadership Profile Leadership Essay Leadership experience résumé aligned to the
Revised Florida Principal Leadership Standards (2011)

Provide documentation showing out-of-classroom leadership activities aligned to the Revised Florida Leadership Standards
Items the resume review team will look for are:
Documented experience showing direct work with subgroups to increase student achievement
Implementation of SIP-related or other school-wide initiatives
Specific evidence of gains in student achievement for the school
Impact on the school outside of the classroom
Activities over and above normal duties Last three end-of-year Evaluation Forms with at least one from SBBC (2010, 2011, 2012)

Each evaluation must show overall Satisfactory/Effective ratings

Signature of the supervising Principal/Designee must be visible

Charter School applicants will provide end-of-year documentation for the last three years with same requirements as above (2010, 2011, 2012)
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