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Farm To Table : Pasta

Describing the process from the farm to your table

Grace Abror

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Farm To Table : Pasta

Farm To Table: Pasta "The dough is made from mixture of water and semolina flour. Semolina flour is a coarse-ground flour from the heart, or endosperm, of durum wheat, an amber - colored high protein hard wheat that is grown specifically for the manufacture of pasta." Production After the wheat is grinded into flour, they pipe the flour into a large mixing machine then add water until the mixture turns into a lumpy consistency which is a tough dough. Processing Pasta is cut or extruded out of dough to make different shapes (spaghetti, wheels, macaroni, etc.) Pasta is then dried in moist, hot air for a certain amount of time depending on the thickness of the pasta. Packaging After pasta is dried it is packaged. The boxes come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of pasta. It is packaged through a machine that puts the correct amount of pasta into each box, and separates each kind of past. Pasta is distributed across the country through trucks. Distribution Pasta is usually purchased to eat with sauce. If pasta is heavy in the package, and if it has good color and texture you should buy it.
"It is estimated that Italians eat over sixty pounds of pasta per person, per year easily beating Americans, who eat about twenty pounds per person." Consumption
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