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Teach Like A Pirate

No description

Ashley Seth

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Teach Like A Pirate

Teach Like A PIRATE
Presented by:
Captain Jan Little Sparrow
Tony "Scurrrrrvy"Grimes
bara Sawyer
Debra "Yo ho ho" Ryan
Ashley "Peg Leg" Seth

"We are not passionate about everything we teach. It's OK!"
Within your subject matter, what are you passionate about teaching?
Within your profession, but not specific to your subject matter, what are you passionate about?
Completely outside your profession, what are you passionate about?

Try to incorporate your personal passions into your work.
"Your ability to give yourself up to the moment and fully 'be' with your students is an awesome...and powerful technique"
"At some point in your career you have to decide if you care more about teaching to tests or teaching kids"
"Sometimes things happen that demand a change in direction and a 'letting go' of the [lesson] plan"
Scenario: A plane crash on a tropical island has left 10 survivors. A helicopter arrives by chance but only has room to take five people to the mainland. There is no certainty that any other rescue will be possible as the island is not on the charts and the helicopter’s GPS is out of kilter.

In groups of 3-4 decide who gets to go home and explain why.

high school principal
Kim Kardashian
clergyman who moonlights as a jazz saxophonist
feminist nun
Shaun White
used car salesman
Vietnam War veteran
grandmother of 6 grand kids
researcher on the verge of a cure for cancer
convicted murderer on parole turned born again Christian

Trivia Question!

Why did pirates wear eye patches?
"One hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the most skillful. Subduing the other's military without battle is the most skillful"
-Sun Tzu
Ask and Analyze
"The important thing is to not stop questioning" - Albert Einstein
On Creativity in the classroom: "Much more often creativity results from properly directed attention, laser-like focus, and hard work."
"There is no such thing as true failure- only feedback"
"Provide an uncommon experience for your students and they will reward you with an uncommon effort and attidude" - Dave Burgess
"Students are hit with so much information and stimuli every day that to stand out in their minds, you must be remarkable"
"Create a mental paradigm shift by reframing the content and its value and relevancy to their lives."

" A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention. Then he can teach his lesson." - Hendrik John Clark
Where does a pirate like to eat?
At Arrrby's!
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