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Sarah Clancy

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Jacques

Jacques Cartier
On April 20, 1534 he set sail on his first major voyage to America in search of riches and a new route to Asia.It took him 20 days to sail across the ocean and he explored parts of Newfoundland, areas now known as Canadian Atlantic Province andn the Gulf of Saint Lawrence
More accomplishments
He led 3 major voyages from 1534 to 1542.
He was the first european to travel inland to North America and claimed Canada for France.

Fun facts
Cartier named Canada "Kanata" meaning village or settlement in the Huron-Iroquois language

He was the first European explorer to penitrate the continent
as he explored the interior eastearn region along the St. Lawrence river

Explorer Jacques Cartier was born in Saint Malo, Brittany, France, on December 31st, 1491. His expeditions were sponsored by France.
Jacques studied navigation in Dieppe, a French center for navigators. He was well educated. In addition to navigation, he studied cartography (map making), astronomy, mathematics and seamanship. This inspired him to become an explorer

fun facts On His Ship
Grande Hermine was the name of the ship used by Jacques Cartier.
The Grande Hermine was a small ship of sixty tons. The overall length of the ship would have been about 70 feet.
The sail area of the ship would have been about 2500 square feet.

Personal facts

His parents were Jamet Cartier and Geffline Jansart.

Besides being an exporer he was also a watch seller

September 1, 1557,he died in Saint-Malo

Voyage pictures
More pictures
The end
By Rishab Jayaram
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