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Hero's Journey: The Avengers

No description

William Chu

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: The Avengers

A Hero's Journey:
The Avengers
William Chu

The Hero: Captain America
Age: 22(Should be 92 but is not because of experiment done on him)
Gender: Male
Super Powers/Abilities: Increased agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time. No fatigue and increased healing ability.
Type of Hero:
The ideal hero: Captain America was created to be the most ideal hero, a "Super soldier". Saves lives by instinct.

Always asked what they should do next.
The reluctant hero: I say this because Captain America never wanted to be involved with the operation, he did it because it was the right thing to do. He first said no to coming to the S.H.I.E.L.D, but came anyways because of his conscious.
The Herald: Nick Fury
Brings the call to adventure by confronting each of the Avengers to tell them about Loki and the whole situation. He tells each of them that they need them to help protect the world. This gets the Avengers involved in the whole situation.

The Mentor: Nick Fury
The person that informs the Avengers of anything and tells them what they need to do to save the world.
The Shadow: Loki
Is the antagonist to the story. He tries to destroy Earth by stealing from the government and therefore forces the Avengers to step in. He is the villain in the movie who's plans are for evil.
The Trickster: Iron Man
In the movie, Iron Man provides comic relief in the worst of situations. He often asks immature and uses the easy way out of things all the time. He gets the job done, but with his own foolish ways.
The Shape shifter: The Hulk/Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner is a unique shape shifter, he literally has two sides of him that want and do not want to join the Avengers. Bruce Banner wanted to help with his scientific background, but when he turned into the Hulk, he tried to destroy the Avengers and everything in it's path. He leaves the story for a little while and then comes back into the story right when they needed him and now he knows how to control the Hulk and is on the Avenger's side. The enemy, Loki, even knew about the Hulk's indecision and tried to use it against the Avengers by trying to release the Hulk.
The Allies: Thor, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow
Technically everyone is everyone's ally but these are the allies to the main hero, Captain America. They have the same goal as the hero, but they help each other reach the goal as a team. They ask the hero for instructions and help by following the instructions.
Status Quo
Each of the Avengers is living out their normal lives and not doing their job of being a superhero.
Call to Adventure
Nick Fury interrupts each of the heroes regular life and delivers a message about Loki and his evil plans and that they need their help.
Nick Fury tries to convince the heroes to join the Avengers but they are still reluctant to help.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
New Life/Resurrection
Status Quo
The heroes go to Loki's first attack and have to work together to save the citizens. This is when the heroes have entered the "special world" by beginning the Avengers and are now part of the battle to save humanity.
More heroes such as the Hulk and Thor join the Avengers. The heroes dispute and argue and are tested by their fellow allies mentally and physically.
The heroes start to form a bond and are invaded by Loki's minions on their helicarrier. Loki gives them a taste of what he can do and escapes while the heroes argue.
The team has to try and save their helicarrier from falling out of the sky due to the attack by Loki. They have failed to function as a team and it seems that there is nothing else they can do.
The reward is that the helicarrier survives and good reminder of what Loki is up to when they see someone they know die. This gets the heroes heads in the game.
The Avengers must now regroup and return back to the city of Manhattan.
The Avengers have returned back to Manhattan to confront Loki, who has now completed his teleportation device and has released his army of aliens onto Manhattan.
The Avengers have fought off the aliens and have taken down Loki. They then learn that a nuclear missile is headed for them to try and stop the aliens. The Avengers save the Earth by driving the missile through the portal, right before it closed which almost led to the death of Iron Man. This is their final task before the Earth is safe.
The Avengers have saved the Earth and are now a force to be reckoned with. Loki is in custody, they have learned how to work as a team and what friendship is. The Avengers have fully assembled
The Avengers break off again to live out their original lives and await another call to adventure.
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