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The Human Skelaton

No description

Katelyn Comer

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Human Skelaton

The Human Skeleton It is the supporting frame of your body. What Is It? It is important, because it helps protect your heart and lungs. Also it gives our body its shape and support. Why Is It Important? It helps us move and it protects our organs. What Does It Do? It works with the muscle system to move the body. How Does It Work? It is located uderneath your skin and muscles. Where Is It Located? Cells make tissue, tissue makes organs [bones], and organs make organisms or systems How Is It Formed? It effects the circulatory system by making blood. It effects the organs by giving protection .It effects the muscular system by working with it to move our bodies. How Does It Effect Other Systems? You keep it in shape by drinking lots of calcium, eating right, and exercising. How Do You Keep It In Shape? We need it to hold up our bodies. Why Do We Need It? Bones are made of red marrow, yellow marrow, spongy bone, compact bone, blood vessels, and an outer covering. What Is It Made Of?
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