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Fashion and trends of 1900-1909

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Roxanne Harvey

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Fashion and trends of 1900-1909

Fashion and trends of 1900-1909
Called the Edwardian era, heavily influenced by Victorian era.
Few designer labels, as most people made their own clothing, though Paul Poiret managed to initiate the decline of the hoop skirt with his empire skirts.
This time period heavily influenced Coco Chanel, who in turn changed women's fashion forever.
Important events of 1900-1909
Alice in Wonderland (1903) and the Night Before Christmas (1905) were popular and influenced fashion.
Death of queen Victoria
President McKinley is assassinated.
Wright brothers take the first flight in an airplane!
Sinclair writes 'The Jungle'
Model T (1908)
Plastic invented
Works Cited
I'd rather look ridiculous when everybody else does, than plain and sensible all by myself.
-L.M. Montgomery, 1908
Large Bell Shaped dresses
Plain Colors
Gibson Hair
Longer Slimming Skirts
Large Colorful Hats
Cotton popular with middle class women
Silk and satin for the rich.
long skirts with trains
'Daring' Evening gowns
Women's Fashion
Full suits
Above the Ankle Boots
Clothing imitated adults
Boys wore sailor suits
Girls Had short sleeved dresses
Men's and Children's Fashion
Made by Tina Lu and Roxi Harvey
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