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Terrorisim and Crime

No description

Maria Baez

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Terrorisim and Crime

Terrorism & Crime
by: Anna, Teresa, Michelle, Maria
For example, in Home-depot and Target some hackers hacked their systems and stole customers social security, addresses, and credit cards.
How does terrorism and crime affect our network?
To influence or affect the conduct of the government by intimidation-involving acts dangerous to human life
Terrorism & Crime
It can damage the state infrastructure like transportation networks or financial institutions. It can also weaken the peoples confidence in the states ability to protect them.
How does terrorism and crime affect states?
Affects the relationships within the international system and or state system
How does terrorism and crimes affect the system?
How does terrorism and crime affect the world?
terrorist with destructive nuclear & chemical weapons
could threaten the existence of global
reduce overall security and stability around the world
Ex: Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped and killed by Red Brigades in 1978.
How does Terrorism & Crime affect humans ?
restricts freedoms( to travel, voice opinions, associate with people of different cultures or religion) people lose property and finances- all through fear
How does Terrorism & Crime threaten Security ?
The KKK have committed crimes against civil rights movements towards registering southern blacks to vote in 1964
daily lives become afraid of a terrorism attack
In 2008 in Mumbai, a terrorist attack bombing vital center where foreigners were likely to congregate.This created instability &
now criminals or terrorist don't even have to travel to get their message across. They could just sit at the comfort of their own homes n destroy the lives in seconds at a tap of a button
The Mexican drug cartels are fighting against the Mexican government over regions control causing major violence and fear among citizens
Where the lives of many people are in danger, where property and finances are at risk to be lost
ex: Terrorism attack reduces global security and people become afraid of traveling.So they increase the security in airports.
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