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Sydney vs Japan by macy and farah

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guildford public

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Sydney vs Japan by macy and farah

Sydney vs Japan
Life in Japan
In Japan the children in schools clean bathrooms and classroom.
In Japan they have oranges for dessert.
In Japan you would have two take off your shoes immediately before you enter the room.
Also in Japan you would need to clean your self with the same water that other people have used.
The children in Japan have to make there own food.
In Japan you have to start school when your 6 years old

Life in Sydney
In Sydney kids have school for six hours.
In Sydney you would have to start school when your 5.
In Sydney you wouldn't have to bow when entering a festival.
In Sydney you could have anything for dessert.
In Sydney you don't have two clean the classroom before you leave school.

by:Macy and Farah
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