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Hand Drawn Typography

Art History 20

Brittany Garuk

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Hand Drawn Typography

Aa Hand Drawn
Typography By Brittany Garuk What is Typography? ...this is typography Typography is the study of letters and font. This can be done through computer program and design, or drawn by hand. SOURCES SOURCES http://www.deannecheuk.com/type/
Just My Type by Simon Garfield
http://ffffound.com/image/14cc237e78d1ec412c26a4baf5174117c229837d by Deanne Cheuk Hand drawn letters have been said to be a lost art, as it is so easy to create font though technology. However, lots of new artists are making their own hand drawn type and exploring this exciting art form. by Deanne Cheuk Why I Chose It -typography is everywhere, so it's interesting to learn how it works and how we can make our own!

-hand drawn font gives you freedom to make your letters really match the message and emotions your trying to get across by Andy Smith A BIT OF HISTORY... Technically the first hand drawn typography would have been the very first letter ever written, But the first typeface created with punch cuts was made by Johann Gutenberg in Frankfurt in 1440. It is called Gutenberg's Textura and it is the worlds first font.It is said he made 300 letterforms before he printed 180 copies of the Bible in 1454, which would have been the first publication ever printed this way. A man by the name of Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson created a font called Doves. It was used in quite a few volumes of the Bible, and is quite famous. It isn't as famous for its publishing, but because after years of fiddling with the type, Cobden- Sanderson got so frustrated that he threw his beloved typeface into the Thames river. It took him years to dispose of it, as the metal punches are very heavy, and there was many different sizes, but it is completely gone now. Deanne
Cheuk Deanne Cheuk is a New York based illustrator originally from Australia. She has designed many publications including Tokion Magazine. In 2005, Deanne Cheuk was chosen by The New York Times Magazine to design custon typography for William Safires "On Language" column. The next year, Target launched a line of her products. She has judged competitions for the Art Director's Club NY and the Type Director's Club NY, and from 2008-2010 was on the Board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts John Zachary Keenan John Zachary Keenan is an illustrator, art director and designer in Minneapolis. Alex Trochut Alex Trouchut is a well known illustrator and typographer in Barcelona. He has published work with Wallpaper magazine, Pepsi, BBC Sport and New York Magazine. He is one of the most famous typography artists and has a very broad style.
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