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RTI and i-Ready

No description

Kelly Widders

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of RTI and i-Ready

RTI and i-Ready
Response to Intervention
RTI is a process of helping struggling students become successful.

Focuses on how a specific student responds to a specific intervention.

RTI includes the following steps:
Identify a struggling student
Implement an intervention to solve the problem
Check to see if it worked- progress monitor

If the intervention works, continue it. If not, try a different intervention. (Tier1, Tier 2, Tier3)

Typical RTI Pyramid
Tier 1: Core Instruction
High quality classroom instruction & planning
Differentiation/ UDL
Equity and Inclusion- 75-80% should be successful
Universal Screening
Assess skills regularly and intervene

Altitude's Math Pyramid
Altitude's Reading Pyramid
Tier 2: Small Group Interventions

Tier 3: Intense Interventions
Interventions in addition to core instruction
3-5 students
In class or extra time in the day

Could be special education
Usually, one on one or 1-3 student groups
Pulled out of general education classroom

*Progress Monitor in 6 week cycles for all levels
*TBTs use data to determine if students stay in tiers or move

Diagnostic test given 3 times a year
Reading and Math online instruction

Strive for 45
Rotating schedule among classes
Student folders for progress monitoring
Parent and teacher reports

Altitude’s Plan
RTI/i-Ready Special Team
Core instruction, UDL, SBI, FIP, DOK
Use i-Ready results to determine target students
Tier 2 & 3: Focus on basic reading skills (fluency) and basic math skills (facts)
Read Naturally
Focused i-Ready Instruction
Each team needs to develop a plan that fits their schedule to provide tier 2 & 3 interventions
Advisory time
Intervention time
Exploratory Classes
After school program
Create rotating schedule for i-Ready instruction
At least 45 minutes once a week in each area
Utilize lessons in core instruction
Teacher Toolbox and other Resources
Discuss in Collegial Conversations and TBTs

Where do we start?
Early Communication of Needs- Letters home
Documentation of Interventions
Progress Monitoring Reports
i-Ready Parent Reports
Ideas for how to help at home
At home online i-Ready instruction
After school programming

Parental Involvement
Kelly Widders
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