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Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai

ENG1U - Ms. Elezi

Zak Nur

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai

Coming of age and living up to parents' expectations Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Can you picture yourself fulfilling your parents hopes and dreams for your future? Main subjects being discussed: Radha Aunty's love story
Amma's love story
Appa's wish for him to "become a man" Radha Aunty recieves a request for engagement from Rajan Nagendra. Radha Aunty's love story Amma's Love Story Daryl Uncle: An old friend of Amma and they both used to be lovers. He returns from Australia to investigate the concepts of government corruption in Sri Lanka. Funny Boy by Shyam Selvadurai Zakaria Nur Being reluctant of the offer, she gets into a very special relationship with Anil Jayasinghe. As there is a Tamil-Sinhalese conflict in place, she is told to cut all ties with this young man. Radha Aunty later takes a trip to Jaffna to forget about Anil. Rajan Negendra gets his wish to come true, as he eventually gets engaged to Radha Aunty. Personally, I believe that it was the actions that took place in Radha Aunty's love story that first got Arjie to notice and get more information on the Tamil-Sinhalese conflict. Upon going to Jaffna, also as a result of the violence reaching that area, Daryl was killed and his body was later on found in water. Once Amma heard of this news, she did everything she could to bring those respondsible to justice, hiring lawyers who would eventually tell her that they can't do anything because of the countries current state. One would think that Amma has true love for Daryl & this only gets us thinking of how Amma got married to Appa. o_0 90% of marriages in India are arranged by the parents WOW! Really? No Way! Radical dude! 55% of all marriages worldwide are arranged 48% of South Asian women are forced into marriage before turning 18 Appa's wish for him to "become a man" Arjie was banned from playing with girls, once Appa & Amma started to notice his homosexual traits. Appa sent Arjie to Victoria Academy because he believed that his homosexuality could be somehow reversed. "The academy will force you to become a man" - Appa (Pg. 205) How many of us have fathers that want us to be a doctor, lawyer etc? Now, let me rephrase. Do you believe that your father would be accepting of who YOU really are and what you want to be in life? "I looked around at my family and i saw that i had done a terrible crime against them, against the trust and love they had for me." - Arjie (Pg. 262) "Yet if my parents of anybody else discovered this love, i would be in terrible trouble. I thought of how unfair this was and i was reminded of things i had seen happen to other people, like jeagan, or even Radha Aunty, who, in their own way, had experienced injustice." - Arjie (Pg. 274) A little somthing to take home What you will find in your additional summary sheets: + 5 Quotes straight from the the novel +5 significant passages from the novel Full out summary of this presentation + key points The End Fin I am obligated to only answering relevant questions, i will not put up with questions that are full BS.
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