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No Plastic bags campaign

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Fariz Razali

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of No Plastic bags campaign

Mohd Fariz Razali (2010795123)
Zainab Abdul Aziz (2010113349)
Mohammad Ismat Hashim (2010358351)
Muhammad Hafidzul Hakeem Mohammad Khaled (2010162543) "No Plastic Bag Day" COP15 UNFCCC conference in Denmark, it had also helped to bring the awareness of Climate Change into the mainstream media.  

Major cities around the world have long been charging for plastic bags and banning the usage in some.

 Even in Selangor and Penang, consumers and businesses have been taking the initiative long before this “No Plastic Bag Day” campaign. BACKGROUND The production of plastic bag uses fossil fuel, petroleum, as its raw material. 

 In addition, 99% of the plastic bags are filling up our limited landfill, the balance 1% ends up in your home’s cabinet and much lesser being recycled. 

There are many documented cases where marine animals suffocate and die of indigestion of plastic bags, they thought were food.  Tell me about the no plastic bag campaign, how big of a problem is this really? The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry has launched a simultaneous nationwide campaign that will see all hypermarkets, supermarkets and PETRONAS petrol stations no longer giving out free plastic bags on Saturdays. (The Star, Saturday January 1, 2011) PRACTICING. The objective of the campaign is to support the government effort to preserve the environment and the depleting resources while instilling environment friendly values among the public and businesses

The ministry said the government launched the efforts to reduce waste after its projections showed that Malaysians would create 30,000 tones of solid waste daily by the year 2020.

the campaign would reduce the effects that the use of plastic shopping bags had on the economy, environment and the health of consumers themselves. OBJECTIVES The money collected from the fee would be channeled into a special fund used to conduct environment preservation and protection related programmes as well as activities for consumers and communities. Under this campaign, 20 cents are collected from consumers who used plastic bags. Where is the money channeled to? PUBLICITY. REFERENCES http://noplasticbagday.blogspot.com
The Star online THANK YOU.... The way to obtain the information.. interview (either retailers or customers)
search internet
news clipings
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