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Club penguin

all about club penguin

Erin Nicholls

on 28 July 2010

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Transcript of Club penguin

Double click anywhere & add an idea Rockhopper rockhopper is a pirate penguin. he brought over red puffles from rockhopper island.
including his red puffle, Yarr. agent gary[G] Aunt Arctic Gary is a great scientist. when you become a secret agent you can meet him.
You can also help him on missions and get a reward. Aunt Arctic is a famous reporter that reports all clubpenguin news.
She also helps produce the clubpenguin times. Sports soccer baseball football basketball hockey pins
PUFFLES puffles are furry creatures that are indigitous to club penguin. They come in 9 colors.
-ORANGE Cadence
she is the dance pro. if you meet candence you can be a dance pro like her penguin band
the penguin band plays the best music in all of club penguin!
SENSEI The sensei is the pro at card jitsu.
He teaches penguins how to become ninjas.
When you have your black belt, you can play
against the sensei to become a ninja.
Once you are a ninja you can go in the ninja hideout. party items
famous penguins Backgrounds club penguin parties -summer party HALLOWEEN location of hidden pins -boat pin-lighthouse -umbrella pin-boiler room -ice cream sudae-pizza parlor -goblet pin-coffee shop -king's crown-boiler room{pin maker} secret ruby pin -snowforts pin-pet shop -berry'o'pin-iceberg -tree-dojo courtyard -taco pin-snow forts -microphone pin-beacon -sand castle pin-mine cave -needle pin-cove -fireworks pin-lighthouse
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