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Unenchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

A prezi for my school bookshare

Callysta Hansen

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Unenchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Unenchanted An Unfortunate Fairy Tale By: Chanda Hahn Mystery & Suspense,
Determination Genre & Theme: I Loved This Book!!!! This book has some of my favorite fairy tales with a bit of a twist to them. While not changing the stories, they are modernized. This book gives the teens who loved fairy tales when they were younger to still read them, sort of, while still having the romance, and action that you do not get as much when you are reading a children's fairy tale. It is very different from the usual young adult read, and it instantly sucked me in making me feel as if I was a part of the book!!! Why?? Characters Mina is an unlucky, unpopular, and very uncoordidnated teenage girl, that is, until she saves her crush's life!!
Mina is also a decendent of the brothers grimm and is forced to break a family curse that has been tied to them for hundreds of years. Her father and uncle have already been killed by the curse, will Mina live through it, or follow the same fate as those before her? Mina Grime?
No, Mina Grimm. Nan is Mina's best friend, as well as only friend. Nan is just the opposite of Mina, she is fairly popular, and has many more friends than Mina ever will. Nan is also Mina's rock. If Mina needs help, Nan is right there for her. Nan Taylor Brody is Mina's crush. Brody had never even noticed Mina until she saved his life on a school field trip to a bakery. Brody is on the school water polo team, has a girlfriend, and is just about the most popular boy inthe school. When Mina saves his life, he starts following her, and falling in love with her. But will the Grimm family curse tear them apart? Brody Carmicheal Sara is Mina's mother. As Mina grew up, if someting unlucky happened or something that would get her noticed, Sara would pick up the family and move them. That is, until Mina confronts her and finds out about the curse and begs her mother to let her fight it to protect her younger brother. Sara Grimm Mina's mute younger brother. Charlie is unaware of the family curse. If Mina wants to talk about it, Charlie is not able to be in the room. Charlie was born a few months after their father was killed by the curse in a plane crash. Nobody is sure why Charlie never talks as he can hear pefectly fine. Charlie also loves Nan and treats her like a sister with his crazy bets and breakfasts of mixed cereals and syrup. Charlie Grimm Jared is a fae. He comes to Mina's rescue one night in an alley when she is jumped by other not so good fae that are the reason all of the other Grimm's were killed. Jared starts coming to the same school as Mina and starts following her around until he finally explains more of the curse to her. Will Mina end up falling for Jared instead of Brody? Jared Fae The people that try and kill any Grimm that tries to defeat the curse by completing every story. If a Grimm does eventually finish, all fae on the human plane will be forced to go back to the fae plane. When a fae is on the human plane, they take the look of a human but can still change back to their fae form. One way to tell if someone is a fae is to use a laser pointer, for example, if they are a fairy the laser allows you to see their wings. Setting This is where Mina saved Brody's life as well as took on her first quest against the evil wolf men. Babushka's Bakery Mina's least favorite place. She is always ignored by everyone until there is an assembly in her favor. High School Mina's house is a little aprartment above a chinese restaurant where Mina gets as many free potstickers as she wants from the little old chinese lady. Mina's home This is where Mina does most of her thinking, with the combined smell of italian and chinese foods. Mina has a few fold up chairs, some Christmas lights, and a little gnome to decorate her spot. This is where Jared usually finds her to tease her about her gnome and anything else he can think of. Mina's rooftop Retreat Action This book has a lot of action!!!!
There is not a part in the book that is boring,
any page you turn to there
is something amazinghappening. The best action happens at Babushka's bakery, where Mina saved Brody's life. Mina saved Brody when the railed catwalk extended high above the production floor broke, and Brody fell over the railing, but Mina grabbed his backpack hoisting him to safety. Later Mina and Nan were kidnapped and taken back to Babushka's bakery where Mina came face-to-face with her first task. Will Mina be able to save her best friend's life at the place where she had already saved her crush's life? My Favorite parts of this Book...

EVERYTHING!!!!!!! This is my favorite line in the book, as well as the one thing that leads to all of Mina's problems. "Today, I saved Brody Carmichael's life!
(Today was also the day I almost KILLED Brody Carmichael.)" "What are we doing here?"
"Practicing what?"
"How to stay alive."
"Why now?"
"Why not now? Do you have anything else planned?- I do so it's now or never."

At this moment Mina learned something about Jared that she never thought could happen- Jared changed an ordinary stick into a sword. This frightened Mina. Jared and Mina Mina's Journal This book was amazing and I would defenitley recommend it to anyone who has access to ebooks! (Unfortunately it is unavailable in print) I give this book 5 Stars and two thumbs up. Prezi
50 ways
and... Thank You!!!!!!! For writing such an extraordinary book!!!!! Chanda Hahn- Other Great Books by Chanda Hahn
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