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Plagiarism & Citing Sources

No description

Ms. Boydston

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Plagiarism & Citing Sources

In-text Citations
(Parenthetical Citations)
- Located within the text

- Immediately follows the material from the source that is used as evidence/support

- Citation must include enough information to find the source on the Works Cited Page
- Citation must also lead the reader to the material in the original source
Works Cited Page
Now, let's practice!
So what?
Consequences of plagiarism include but are not limited to:

- Redoing an assignment/paper
- Failing grade on assignment/paper
- Failing grade in a class
- Destroyed student reputation
- Expulsion from a school
- Firing from a job
- Legal consequences
You must cite your source if you...
What is plagiarism?
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is the act of stealing & passing off the ideas or words of another as one's own; the use of another's production without crediting the source.
Plagiarism & Citing Sources

Avoiding Plagiarism
1) Plan for your paper or project
- Waiting until the last minute causes stress, which may result to plagiarism
2) Write down your sources as you collect information
- This prevents you having to find the sources all over again
3) Limit direct quotations to less than 25% of the paper
- Too many quotations shows weakness in your argument as well!
4) Cite your sources
MLA: Modern Language Association Style
Two things make up MLA Style:
1) In-text citations
- Also known as parenthetical citations
2) Works Cited Page

Both must be used to avoid plagiarism!

EQ: Why is it important to cite you sources?
Use someone else's
words exactly as they
were written
Put someone else's
ideas into your
own words
Condense someone else's words or ideas
Two Types of In-text
Author named within the quote:
Author not named within the quote:
At one point, Hinton explains that Ponyboy feels that "things are rough all over" (137).
It's shocking that the villagers didn't understand their irrational behavior, even as Tessie was stoned to death, yelling all the while for it to stop (Jackson).
Other In-text Citations
- Two authors
(Johnson and Smith 221)
- Three or more authors
(York et al. 75
- A work without page numbers
by last name
Double spaced
Hanging Paragraph
(2nd line indented)
Sources are...
Listing of all sources used
Your Works Cited Page is the last page of your paper!
Complete the virtual tutorial at the website below!
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