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Young People By: David Suzuki

No description

Kevin Quinones

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Young People By: David Suzuki

Thank you For listening to part 1
Young People By: David Suzuki
What kind of essay is this?
An expository essay explaining environmental issues
We use the Earth's resources everyday, but in wasteful manners
This is an important issue not everyone is realizing
David Suzuki states that young people will be the ones most affected by our actions
Also they have the most impact on the future
David Suzuki also shows us the issues of unnecessary and unsustainable waste pollution
David Suzuki uses young people, specifically 14 year old David Grassby as example on how young people can make a big impact on society
David Grassby collected 100 discarded oil containers and set them out in the sun. After pouring out the residual oil, the collected oil totaled 3.7 liters
David with his simple science project went straight to the heart of the fundamental issue
No group has more at stake in the resolution of the global eco crisis than today generation of children and youth
Time To Discuss
The Author
David Suzuki is Co-Founder of David Suzuki Foundation
Renowned for his radio and television programs
An award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster
Not the founder of Suzuki cars
Expository Essay
Why didn't the companies that David Talked to not respond when they gave him an answer to the question?
The oil companies would not know how to charge people for how much oil they took. They would have to develop a whole new distribution process.
David said that one issue was constantly throwing out oil containers. Why isn't there more demand for biodegradable plastic?
Companies would avoid researching this because it would cost more money
Why do we as a society not really care or try to be involved with our environment?
We believe that our world will last for a long time. Also it could be that we are aware about the future but won't be around during that time.
In the essay. David states that we believe to assume that our resources are so vast that we can waste them. Do you believe that?

We do constantly take what we have for granted. some things such as electricity and clean water we waste, because it is available.
It's a Tree Deal with it
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